According To Your Sign How To Release Yourself From That Ex Who Doesn’t Get Over You

Ex Who Doesn't Get Over You

According To Your Sign How To Release Yourself From That Ex Who Doesn’t Get Over You

I wish all people had the emotional intelligence to let go of what they let go of first, but unfortunately, there are those who cling to a story that is already broken. What you lived next to that person you keep somewhere in your heart, you keep the lessons learned, however, you no longer want to try again. This has been very hard for your ex because he does not release you, he assures you that you still love him and that is becoming an ordeal. How to get rid of that ex who doesn’t surpass you according to your sign? Every zodiac sign can do it their way. 


You are a sign of fire, you must be very clear about that, you are not here to settle for situations that take away your peace. You were born to embrace your independence and your autonomy, do not allow anyone to interfere with your desires. Your ex is still on top of you because you haven’t set the necessary limits, I know you feel sorry for him, but that’s not really helping him leave. You’re like a kid with a big heart, but it’s about time you confronted your ex and told him that he doesn’t have another chance. 


If there is someone on this list who knows how to close chapters, it is you, but when it is a matter of love it is difficult for you. It is time for you to go back to your roots, for that stubborn Taurus who thinks with his head and not with his heart to wake up. Your ex is no longer worth your time and your energy because his company instead of cheering you up causes you emotional downturns. You are not arrogant if you tell him that his charm no longer causes you anything. The time has come for you to ask yourself what you want and commit yourself, tell your ex that he no longer fits. 


Sometimes, being an air sign doesn’t benefit you, as it makes your changing side constantly present and that’s when your ex takes the opportunity to appear in your life. He knows you very well, Gemini, he is not stupid and he has already taken your measure. He already realized that you tolerate his inopportune calls, messages, and visits. Do not allow him to have control over you, you do not owe him an explanation of anything. It’s going to hurt, but he can no longer believe that they will return. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll be honest with him too. 


Of course, your ex knows you perfectly, he knows that you are a hypersensitive sign and that there are times when nostalgia visits you, so he comes back to you. He is so in need of your attention that he uses manipulation to get you back into the palm of his hand. The reason you fall is because of your goodness, it’s hard for you to say no, but deep down you know you’re not happy anymore. Because? Do not force yourself to continue with someone you can no longer love, put an endpoint because your ex will never dare. 


Look at you, a fire sign, who knows that when he sets his mind to something, he will comply, but you continue to deal with the emotional instability of an ex who is not willing to let go? Stop fooling yourself, that’s not love, he’s obsessed with showing that you still love him just because his ego is asking him to. You are proud of many things, that is what you need, take the reins of your life and tear the page from your ex. It’s still there because you’re still reading the chapter of his story. You don’t want it, but you don’t let it go either and that’s breaking both of you. 


You are a witty, disciplined, and very intelligent sign, it even seems incredible that at this point you are still battling with an ex who is not willing to leave. Let him not let go, but don’t fall for his game, you move on, wish him well in life, and don’t bend over again every time he begs you. I know it hurts you to see him torn to pieces, but you know that if he continues by your side he will end up suffering twice because you no longer love him. Don’t allow it, cut the tie once and for all. 


Please, Libra, don’t let your flirtation and good heart keep you next to a person who no longer gives you goosebumps. What happens with you is that the memories come back to you and that’s when you want to turn back time, but you know that what they once had won’t come back. Your heart is surrendered and you fight to keep the peace in your relationship, but your ex already misunderstood that and that’s why he won’t let go. It is the habit, realize, you are romanticizing the emotional dependence on him and that will only bring you chaos. There is nothing left but to completely close the doors of your life. 


You are a fiery, enigmatic, intense sign, you know that you never settle for mediocre love and that is why it is absurd that you continue to allow your ex to invade your life. All it’s doing is blocking the chance for you to heal completely. She is consuming you and you know it, you need to tell her that she was an important person to you, but what you felt one day will no longer come back. Of course, it’s going to hurt, but it’s better than keep lying. 


Being optimistic in the midst of the storm is not the best thing to do, at least not when it comes to your ex, because he is only waiting for you to give up any minimal hope to remain attached to your heart. You are one of those who prefer to let everything flow, and that’s good, but it doesn’t hurt to put your cards on the table. If your ex isn’t ready to be friends yet, then it’s best to get away for a while. You need space to think because you’re giving in to his pressure and it’s not worth it. 


It’s nice to save the good things from a love that didn’t work out, but that doesn’t mean you should leave the flame burning. There are times when there is nothing left but to tell that person to their face that you are ready to fly, it is not out of malice, telling the truth is the only thing that will set you free. Otherwise, your ex will continue to think that he can get you back and he will only experience constant emotional wear and tear. Neither you nor he deserves so much pressure on the shoulders. Release to be released Capricorn. 


It’s a relief when you discover that you no longer need your ex because you no longer mention him or suffer from his absence, but does he feel the same? Sometimes, you are ready to meet more people and you assume that your ex is too, but this is not always the case and that is when you can fall into an unnecessary toxic bond because without realizing it you end up explaining yourself to someone who is no longer your partner… I’m not saying that friendship can’t work, but as long as your ex continues to be jealous and miss you, that will be impossible. For your sake and his, better stay away. 


It is not difficult to detect when you are in love and when you have already turned the page, your feelings are so genuine that it shows. What once filled you with joy now makes you uncomfortable, you know that it is not healthy for you to continue answering your ex’s messages or to see him if you feel bored. That breaks with your Pisces essence, you are putting yourself at a very low level and it is not fair. In the same way, in which you protect the hearts of your loved ones, you must protect your own. End that once and for all. If you don’t want to do it all at once, gradually disappear from his life. 

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