Capricorns will develop a hard exterior when they have been injured more than once. They can be gruff, hostile, and pretend they have too much work to do to socialize with anyone. The bottom line with Capricorns is that even if they don’t seem to feel they are shy. If they do not know many people, they will feel uncomfortable at social events and they will be quiet. They act above everything, but their openness has burned them in the past and they are not going to let that happen again.


Aquarians show their tough exterior with distance, detachment and lack of emotion. If they prove to be invulnerable, they will be safe. They want to be able to be in contact with people without having to worry about messy emotions. If they advertise themselves as walls, Aquarius will not have to listen to someone else’s problems and / or won’t have to help him. Their hard shell may not be visible, but it is easy to know that it is there because of their attitude, their sarcasm and their need for personal space.


The Virgin’s difficult exterior is carefully constructed to prevent others from seeing how vulnerable they can be. Their hard shell is another protective element they use, like their immense knowledge or their analytical mind. If they are too critical, harsh and critical, it is simply their way of keeping people at bay. The truth is, even if Virgo doesn’t seem to care what other people think, this zodiac sign is too worrying. If they have a hard exterior, little injustices are less likely to hurt them.


Aries like to pretend they’re cool with just about anything. However, when it comes to grief or betrayal, it does not suit them at all. Their hard exterior is a facade. They want to love and loyalty, like everyone else, but they are not convinced that they will get it, so if they seem not to care or do not have time to play anyone’s drama, they may not hurt each other. The problem is that Aries is impulsive and can be confrontational. So they say things they didn’t want to say and then have to manage their actions.


The difficult exterior of Scorpio is a mystery. They can be injured more easily than they suggest. They are loyal and expect others, but it doesn’t always happen that way. Their protective shell helps them seem to control their emotions and prevents them from breaking their hearts. As sad as it may seem, Scorpions find it difficult to trust others and believe that they are acting out of necessity to help others. They are often on their guard and their hard shell is their invisible armor.


Fish are definitely a big emotional mess inside, but they are terrified that it will be used against them, so they work to develop a hard exterior. They have a ton of feelings and if they can’t afford to express them, they can try to crush them completely and pretend not to care. It is safer to appear indifferent so that no one is tempted to use your emotions against you. People tend to take advantage of the selfless nature of Pisces. If they seem a little less willing to help, they may be in a better position to protect themselves.


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