6 Signs That Always Get Yours


There are people who give their arm to twist easily. Then there are those who do not even in dreams. There are people who fight and defend their truth above all things and people, who sincerely think about it better and look for the fairest side for everyone. Here are the 6 signs of the zodiac that give more war when it comes to getting their way, to convince you of their reasons or not to get off their position so quickly, that of truth:


  1. LIBRA

Surprising right? The angelic Libra seems that he has not broken a plate in his life and that he agrees and does not put a problem on anything. So it is in theory, Libra has a reputation for which many people would fight, but very few people know what Libra really is and how strong its most unknown side is.

Libra, when you put yourself in “maximum justice” mode it seems that you are always on the right path and that you always want equality.

But in reality, there is interest behind that, because without anyone knowing sometimes you can play Libra and you know it. You play with your perfect communication skills and make the rest believe that your truth is the universal truth of the whole world and the rest is wrong. You make people reflect, you work very hard to make everyone see the world the same way you see it …

You are a magician of deception in some aspects but the best of all is that nobody realizes your strategies. Your intelligence ensures that nobody notices them. Nobody expects a Libra to have such cunning and know-how to move the threads in that dark way. You know.


Taurus, firmness, and responsibility in person. strength, courage, and persistence in flesh and blood. Taurus, the stubbornness in person and the most cunning and calculating intelligence to make all your wishes come true. Everyone expects it from Taurus because in order to reach Taurus you must first be born, die, be born again and so on and on several times. Taurus is characterized by being someone with a lot of mental potentials.

Well, deep down you know Taurus, you like being that way because your truth will always be well above all others. What nobody knows is that you also have a very rebellious side that rejects everything that does not enter your eyes. Although that is the truth, even if you have someone in front of you who is telling you very coherent things …

If you don’t like it, it will never be true. If you don’t rent what they tell you, it’s no use. Although what they tell you is true, don’t get off your winning Taurus horse, because giving in is losing to you. May the gods bless the person who has the courage to stand in front of you when you put yourself in mode “what I am saying is the only universal truth and period.” You know Taurus.

  1. LEO

Nothing surprising right? The lion has always been an icon of power. The lion does not let another person take his command. The lion does not allow anyone to have power in his life or in his decisions. Leo is synonymous with ambition and that is something that comes from the cradle. It is obvious that when someone needs your help you go without thinking Leo. But you play in a much higher league and you know it. You play in another dimension, the rest of the humans do not reach you or the sole of the shoes and do not know what it is to walk on the ground that you step on …

We will be more realistic Leo, at the bottom of your being you are on your golden throne ruling everyone around you as you wish and you know it. You are the cradle leader and you can’t help but want to be the boss, who directs, who has a preference in everything…. But deep down you are not a king or a tyrant queen Leo, as long as they do not provoke you and you do not have to fight for your position … Because it is true Leo, if your people do not want to take over your position or your things, war will be in peace, but if they do, the war goes on and that’s dangerous …

At that moment, you get on your winning horse, you get on your throne and in everything that is higher than the others and you get carried away by FIRE.


  1. ARIES

If there is still someone left in doubt about the power of Aries, learn quickly. If there is still someone who doubts his internal power, his ability to fight, his courage, his ambition, and his more warrior side, to go far, because Aries sweeps away everything that comes before him … It sweeps away all that Who wants to make me doubt his truth, without regrets and with much cunning.

The number one is your Aries. The first position of the zodiac wheel is yours. Here, who is in charge and who should be a little above others is you, period.

You know. They know the rest. Who does not want to accept to leave or stop, but not provoke you, because there you lose insurance … The best thing about you is that you do not go to violence or aggressiveness. When you have to stay above someone or make him see that, your truth is the only one that is worth it, you do not lower yourself to the height of others and do not shout, do not fight, do not do things that you can later regret or anything that .. You defend your truth, you argue with intelligence, you climb very high and from there, you don’t get off even the craziest tornado in the world. You know perfectly Leo.


To be born as a Sagittarius is to be born knowing that you are going to go a thousand steps ahead of everyone. You know what it is to be born as someone special, different, independent and very rebellious. Being born under the sign of Sagittarius is ambition, impatience, power and cunning. When the time comes to reason with Sagittarius or convinces Sagittarius that your truth is the ultimate truth, bad … But bad, bad, bad, because although Sagittarius is not a highly conflicted person, he has a lot of work and a lot of art to do. Believe everyone that the only universal truth is yours and that of no one else.

Do you know what your strongest point is Sagittarius? That you have a lot of cunning and make nobody see you coming.

That you are a very independent person and you know how to move threads stealthily … You know how to control people to do what you want but in such a way that, in the end, it seems that you have not had anything to do. Do not turn on, do not get angry or do anything for others to do what you want. You defend your truth to death and make that of others look smaller with small comments …

At the end of the day, your truth is the one that attracts the most attention, the most rebellious, the freshest and the most dynamic and that of others is as if it stinks a little. You are a wizard in the art of Sagittarius deception and you know it.


AY Cancer, you are surprised to see you in this ranking right? The good little heart of Cancer cannot be someone who always has to stay above, right? The good of Cancer is not one of those who kill for their truth, right? Well, you are wrong, because Cancer is a born player when it comes to misleading and being the one who ends up getting away with it always. That’s right, a Cancer never gives up, a Cancer always ends up having what he really wants. If a crab seeks to get away with it, rest assured, that one way or another it will …

Cancer, you know that you love to be adored, to be loved, to have you as if you were a leader, the best advisor of all, that shoulder was to cry…

Let’s see, it’s not that you have leader wood, because then in the background you forget half of the tasks, but you really like to see how they ask for advice … You love to see how they go in your search to ask for advice, you love being helpful, but deep down, you love even more being who does everything right and being the center of attention at that time. What you do not love at all and arouses your bad mood, is that they do not follow your advice, that they waste your time and that they do not know how to really value you. About having a lot of patience with the rest of the world as it doesn’t go very much with your Cancer and you know it.

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