Anyone who knows the personality of Gemini will understand that this zodiac does not always do well in long-term relationships. This does not mean that they do not seek intimacy, but they simply find that casual and simple relationships are easier to manage. This sign quickly goes from hot to cold, which they realize. They therefore only enjoy starting a relationship if they are convinced that it will work.


Sagittarians are not afraid to commit, but will only do so if they believe it could be “the One.” The life of this laid back zodiac does not require much when they are single. They therefore fear new partners who are too interested or too clingy. They secretly want relationships, even if they can’t say, but only if a partner has the same interests and hobbies as they do.


Without a doubt the most independent sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is very happy to do so. Although they are among the most compassionate and caring people, they also need times of peace where they can cultivate their ideas and thoughts. They need someone who understands them perfectly and shares their worldview, which is more difficult to say than to do.


The personality of Pisces differs from the other signs on this list, because they need care and attention to feel valued. They are more than happy to show their affection and show commitment, but people of this sign are easily overwhelmed. Thinking that they don’t deserve such a good partner, including a little comment in a huge review, Pisces often find their own way out of the relationship.


At the other end of the Pisces spectrum, Virgo struggles because they are actually too critical of others rather than themselves. Virgos have in mind the perfect image of a relationship when they meet a partner and it goes without saying that life as a couple is never without challenges. However, if it is not perfect, it is not enough for Virgo. Instead, they would prefer to wait “The perfect partner”, no matter how long it takes.



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