3 Zodiac Signs Leaving A Toxic Person In December 2022

Leaving A Toxic Person

3 Zodiac Signs Leaving A Toxic Person In December 2022

December could be a time of betrayal and deceit for some. But this is also the time to move away from what we consider toxic, especially if that poison is found in our romantic relationship.

When the romance is more than over and the feeling of being consumed alive by your partner lingers, it’s time to leave.

Leaving isn’t always easy, but when the options prove hopeless, sometimes we have to choose to save ourselves.

This transit brings out in us the need to protect ourselves. December presents us with the choice of staying with danger or leaving it forever.

It is a time that can change our lives. When you are in a toxic relationship and you know there is nowhere to go but down, let the energy of this transit help you take your first step toward freedom.

Here are 3 zodiac signs who will leave a toxic relationship in December 2022:


You have a hard time admitting defeat, but you have a harder time staying in a toxic situation, and your relationship could be the biggest defeat of your life.

The month of December speeds up your intuition and awakens emotions that you may have been trying to suppress.

These inner thoughts are cognitions; you know that your partner is no longer the right person for you. And not only that, he transforms into something you didn’t fall in love with.

You don’t even know the person you’re dealing with anymore as they turned into something absolutely toxic. It’s a toxic relationship that prompts you to take action. And you should leave as soon as possible.

 You are finally about to end your toxic relationship and nothing in this world can stop you. Also, you knew all along that something like this could happen, but it took so much courage to get to the place.

You’ve been able to endure so much, and you’ve begun to understand that this life isn’t specifically made for you to endure. Then why did you put up with such toxicity?

Because you couldn’t tell the difference between toxic love and honest, pure love. That’s what toxic relationships do to a person; they make the person confused about what is real and what is false.


You’ve been letting things go for a little too long, and you feel like your relationship has been over longer than you care to admit. However, this month you will admit that you need to change something.

You will see yourself as a prisoner, trapped in the confines of a horrible relationship where you are completely controlled by your partner’s whims and demands. It’s disgusting and it’s the complete opposite of everything you believe in. And yet somehow you got caught up in this.

That doesn’t mean you’re committed to it for life. You must recognize the door of opportunity and step through it quickly. Actually, you don’t want to be in such a relationship.

December will bring you strength and you will realize that you need to shine as yourself again. You don’t want to play these love games anymore.

You both never knew when to stop, so it became this “thing” and neither of you know how to stop it. Until now! Now is the time to act. Use it!


Are you in a toxic relationship too? Well, if you think about it for too long, you might feel uncomfortable with the answer that comes to mind. It is yes.

You’re being used and you know it. Oh sure, there are days when it feels loving and kind and gentle, but the cosmos is knocking on the door this month, trying to get you to open your eyes and see the reality of what is going on.

Your joy is taken from you and you are used for your support. This level of toxicity has now reached the level that guarantees your doom.

You got used to it and don’t know how to get out of it. do you wanna get out Yes! But you were always too scared to try. If you stay, you’ll end up full of regrets and you’ll never get out of this hole.

You may also feel like you’ve been obliterated by the person you’re in a relationship with. How did this happen?

It certainly wasn’t part of the plan, and yet somehow your relationship morphed into that battle royale where you feel like you’re getting further and further away from who you are every day.

The only thing you find disgusting is not being yourself anymore. You seemed to have become the sidekick of the person you once called “partner”. Your identity has become mush, and you just can’t!

You, of all people, lost your independence and free will to a person who now seems to own you. You don’t have to be told that this is unhealthy, you know that yourself.

That’s why this month you will find your wings again, spread them, and fly away without your partner. You deserve to finally be happy! Hold on to it!

3 Zodiac Signs Leaving A Toxic Person In December 2022

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