10 reasons a Scorpio will definitely break your heart

One thing most of us will agree on is that unless you are one, you will never really understand a Scorpio.

Scorpios have a very intense emotional life and complicated way of thinking that is of great benefit to whatever they put on their mind.

They love to analyze situations and people and it is almost impossible to deceive or lie to them.

Scorpios also always know how to say the right thing in any situation, and that is of great benefit to them in getting the things they want.

They are feared by many people because of these characteristics because nobody really likes to be exposed and manipulated into certain actions.

Even if Scorpios are sometimes intimidating and you can be very afraid of their personality, they are extremely attractive and simply attract other people with their erotic aura.

In the entire zodiac, there is no zodiac sign as attractive as Scorpio.

Scorpios simply know what other people want emotionally , and they are not afraid to express their dark desires.

Their love is very important to them, and if they are not satisfied in this area, the emotional aspect may not be enough to keep them in a relationship.

Their attractive looks are undeniable, but it is their emotional complexity that makes them very difficult to be in a relationship with. 

There is so much more to these people than others can realize, and only those who have been with a Scorpio long enough can understand how difficult it is to deal with them.

A person who loves a Scorpio will never really know everything about them, and they will also put themselves in a position to have their heart broken.

1. You are too attractive

Scorpios have a unique type of beauty that makes people fall in love with them instantly.

There’s just something so sensual and exciting about them, and it’s hard not to get aroused by their mysterious presence.

They have mesmerizing and mesmerizing eyes that hug our whole soul and sensual lips that you just can’t get enough of.

This beauty is sometimes so unreal that it feels like it’s out of this world, and the more a person gets to know it, the more that beauty grows.

Since one is blessed with this type of beauty, it is only natural that it would give the Scorpio many opportunities that one feared because people who love a Scorpio are just waiting for them to leave for someone else.

2. You are mysterious

Scorpios are mysterious by nature and hide a lot of things, making them almost impossible to fully understand.

They always want to keep at least a special part of their soul just to themselves, and they don’t like it when they are completely exposed.

Still, this closeness can frighten your partner because he never really knows what is going on deep inside you.

This mysterious behavior also makes them very unpredictable, and their partner never knows what to expect from them.

Fatal to a healthy balanced relationship, these secrets make the more likely that Scorpio will break your heart.

3. You are very possessive

Scorpios love to take control of someone they believe is theirs.

They also love to test how much control they can have over someone and whether their partner has more control over them.

Scorpios want everything from one person, and they don’t want to share it with anyone else either.

This can also be extremely disturbed when they forbid a person to go anywhere without their permission.

They want to come first in their partner’s life, and that means that they need to separate them from everyone else.

4. Your dark side can get the better of yo

Because Scorpios have such a deep emotional life and keep so many secrets under lock and key, they pay a heavy price to hide them.

They hide so much from others because they will never understand them, and that torments them deeply.

This deep conflict that they have in their consciousness will sooner or later also manifest as a very dark episode of their emotions.

If a Scorpio spends too much time in isolation or starts mistreating their partner, it is a sign that their darkness is overwhelming them.

This pain is a great burden for them, and it not only hurts them, but is also projected onto their partner as violence.

5. You are aggressive

Even if Scorpio is a watermark, their love feels more like that of a fire sign, and they literally set their partner on fire.

Scorpios are very scary when they get angry, and they have a tendency to lose control and fall into aggression.

If they’re angry because their partner did something, they’ll also wait days for the right moment to reciprocate.

Scorpios never forget the emotional damage that has been done to them, so they use brute force and plan a revenge to change their situation.

Their temperament and unwillingness to forgive their partner make it very difficult to be in a relationship with them.

6. Scorpios do not tolerate deficiencies in other people

People who have been in a relationship with a Scorpio know how much they struggled and how little they got for it.

Scorpios make people so dependent on them that their partner will tolerate everything, but they don’t do the same for their partner.

They want their partner to be perfect and they don’t want to help them grow in any way.

Everything the Scorpio has got on his own, and he doesn’t want his partner to be any different.

This lack of support, tolerance and empathy towards the partner only shows how easily replaceable they are for him and therefore it is difficult to be in a relationship with him.

7. You will not admit a mistake

Scorpios never take responsibility for the bad things they do, and they don’t like to apologize.

Even if they do apologize, that apology is never sincere and they only use it to manipulate the person even more.

Scorpios look at people like someone they need and don’t need, and when they need them they will be gentler on them.

Surely, from the moment a Scorpio no longer needs us, they will never apologize or care about our feelings.

An apology is something reserved only for those who the Scorpio needs and cannot live without, and this trait makes it difficult to consider them a good person.

8. A Scorpio will use you

People who date Scorpios need to be very careful about their motives.

Scorpios shamelessly use people, either to make someone they like jealous.

The reason may be different, but the result is the same, her partner will end up harmed by the manipulation.

This is one of the most terrifying traits that Scorpios have, and it’s also terrifying that they do this to even those they supposedly love.

For this reason, many people are advised not to get involved with Scorpios, because the consequences are very painful.

9. You don’t really trust anyone

One thing is certain, and that is that a Scorpio will never trust anyone completely.

Scorpios have a generally bad opinion of other people, and based on their previous experience, they have no reason to trust others.

No matter how long they are in a relationship, they never manage to overcome this trait.

No trust means great harm to the relationship, and therefore Scorpio’s partner will think that everything is pointless.

For a relationship to work, trust is essential, and where there is no trust, there is no hope.

10. You don’t want to be with the same person forever

Scorpios seem like they crave a deep emotional connection, but that is far from the truth.

Just like the Aries zodiac sign, Scorpio likes to own and seduce people.

He’s in love with someone for a short time, but cheating is very likely later on.

Scorpio’s stimuli are always stronger than their rational mind, and he never really wants anything to last forever.

A Scorpio never really belongs to anyone, and that’s why they’re the dark soul of the zodiac for good reason.


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