Zodiac Signs Get A Marriage Proposal At Christmas 2023

Christmas is the celebration of love – and for some people in love, that means only one thing: the hope of a marriage proposal is getting bigger and bigger!

This year the wish for three zodiac signs will come true!


Aries have been secretly longing for the next step in the relationship for a long timeIf they’re honest, they’ve been hearing the wedding bells for a long time. But taking matters into her own hands and making a marriage proposal is out of the question for her.

Instead, they want the grand romantic gesture that makes them feel like a princess. A dream they have had since they were children. And for many Aries, this year this wish will finally come true – including a speech and lots of tears of joy!


Pisces are comfortable in their current relationship. They love the interaction with the other person, the everyday life that they have created together, and the affection that they feel every day. And so does your partner.

Both are sure: this is true love. And this will be crowned with a romantic proposal around the holidays! The Pisces didn’t expect this, but it will be the beginning of an exciting year for them and probably the nicest surprise they could have imagined under the Christmas tree.


Virgos are masters at analyzing situations down to the smallest detail – this also applies to love. Especially at the turn of the year, the sign of the zodiac likes to take stock. So around the holidays, there is a conversation in the relationship in which all cards are laid face up on the table.

And the virgins notice: they have great love in front of them. Quite factually as they are, that can only mean one thing: it’s time for the next step. What follows may not be the most romantic proposal of all time, but it is a moment when Virgos finally feel safe and secure!

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