Why The Signs Won’t Ask You To Stay

Won't Ask You To Stay

Why The Signs Won’t Ask You To Stay

I find it very beautiful when you reach that stage in your life where you are not willing to settle for anyone’s leftovers. If someone loves you, they have to earn it and it’s not out of pride, it’s because it costs you a lot of disappointments to look up. You are no longer here to beg. If they want to go, let them go, why won’t the signs ask you to stay?


You are used to living on the edge, you love intensity and if you have to cry, then you cry. In any case, in the past, they have already broken your soul and you have continued standing. It’s not that you’ve become intolerant, it’s that you’re now an expert at spotting red flags and you’re too lazy to have to beg someone to change their attitude to make you feel lovedBetter go. 


At first glance, it seems that you are a sign that always takes things seriously, but it is not like that, you also have your emotional sides. It bothers you that they don’t value you, but you will never put your dignity at stake, If they want to leave the same door they entered is wide open. This applies to everyone, friends, family, and love, you no longer think of being anyone’s trash can. 


Fortunately, Gemini, it is very common for you to have a lot of activities to do, you never rest and someone’s departure is not going to stop you. You are very confident that everything in this life has a goal, it is happening for something, and that keeps you calm. No one is indispensable in your days, people change and so do you. If they no longer fit with your energy, let them leave. 


You are the one who honors intuition and you know it. That is your magic, from the first moment you perceive a change in the other person you prepare to say goodbye. You are not willing to stay with someone who treats you with less love or less respect. If all that person does is alter your mood, he doesn’t deserve a second chance, simple as that. 


You are a brave, pleasant, intelligent sign, you are the one who carries strength in your soul, Leo. You know that when you propose something there is no one to stop you and if it is about letting go of a special person, you take courage. You may love that person with every fragment of your essence, but in any case, you are not going to ask him to stay, if he wants to leave, go ahead, someone who does value you will come. 


If you have something in your favor, it is that you are very responsible and you are clear that it is up to you to keep yourself with a smile on your face. There are many things that happen to you that are not your fault, but you have the courage to grieve and keep moving forward. If someone wants to leave your life to leave, it doesn’t mean you don’t love them. It means that you love yourself much more and you are not going to humiliate yourself. 


You may be quite an emotional sign, Libra, but when it comes to taking charge of your stability, pride wins out. You are not going to allow someone’s bad love to destroy you. You no longer think of wearing yourself out in any way for someone who does not want to be in your life. As they say, out there, the shoes do not enter even by force. Let them go away, stop draining your energy, and allow you to meet someone else. 


When someone wants to leave your life, your intelligence is what keeps you firm. Also, Scorpio, you have an extremely proud side, no matter how much you love that person, you are not going to put your integrity on the line to beg them to stay by your side. So that? If all he can offer you are falsehoods. You don’t tolerate getting tangled up with people who need a mask to maintain a bond, those people better keep away. 


You are a sign that is always looking for things that make your heart and soul vibrate. You don’t feel comfortable with people who give themselves halfway, that superficial love doesn’t fit your personality at all. When you realize someone wants to leave, it hurts, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to try to stop them. Let him go far away so that he does not return to play with your emotional stability. 


What is clear to you in this life is that you should not cling to the idea that everything is forever. Capri, people change all the time and it is very normal for them to want to leave. You are too mature a person to take it too personally, the last thing you want is drama. If someone wants to leave, it is their right, but do it quickly because you are not going to enter a vicious circle that I love you today and not tomorrow. 


You have a humanitarian side that allows you to see further, even when your pain is involved. You stay with the genuine people, the ones who fill you with joy and don’t leave you with that heavy and bad energy. That is why when someone decides to leave, you try to see it in a calm way. You don’t want to be stuck with anyone. Life is full of opportunities and you trust that the best awaits you. 


People may think that you are not ready to say goodbye, they think that because of your sensitivity, you get too attached, but it is not like that. You are a generous, tender, kind, and empathetic sign. You can understand that that person no longer feels comfortable with you and you are not going to force the bond. Tears may be present, but you will do it in silence because you are not going to beg anyone.

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