What Taurus Does Unwantingly And Annoys The Rest

Annoys The Rest

What Taurus Does Unwantingly And Annoys The Rest

Either you know Taurus very well or it will be complicated and difficult to know what he feels. He is quite a reserved and shy person, especially with people he doesn’t know or trust yet. When Taurus doesn’t want to tell something, he won’t tell it, especially if we talk about feelings. Perhaps out of fear of what they might think or say. This is what Taurus does unintentionally and annoys the rest.

It is very much yours and it has many things stored inside that will NEVER see the light of day. This can bother other mortals a lot because, if they want to get to know him better and notice that he has that barrier that he cannot cross, frustration begins. Taurus is capable of inventing any excuse to avoid telling the truth. He will not be a liar, no, he simply avoids giving information that could harm him.

In addition, he is a person who takes all the time in the world to do anything that can make certain people take a liking to him for this. He is a perfectionist and goes at his own pace. A pace that for many is TOO SLOW. Taurus will tell you that it is better to do things slowly and well than fast and badly. He doesn’t understand intermediates, or it’s all or nothing. If you are very active, it will drive you crazy for sure.

Another point that bothers others a lot is his extreme stubbornness. Taurus will not believe that it is so serious, they will even turn the tables so that you see it as a virtue. The rest can get quite messed off with this attitude and especially because it is exhausting trying to convince someone who is not capable of seeing their own mistakes. EXHAUSTING.

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