What A Capricorn Would Love To Say To His Ex

Love To Say To His Ex

What A Capricorn Would Love To Say To His Ex

You would love to say many things to your ex, above all, you would love for him to see you now. Yes, maybe you’re messed, perhaps you haven’t raised your head yet and perhaps you’re also thinking about what could have been and wasn’t, about the memories that still remain inside you. But you’re also starting to be you. And even if it takes you longer than other signs to recover, you have the attitude, the strength, and the desire to do so. You are strong Capri, very strong, sometimes more than you think. But the problem is that it’s hard for you to believe it.

You would love to tell him that soon you will be full of energy and vitality, that you do not need anyone to be happy, and that you have finally realized that it is always better to be alone than in bad company, no matter how bad it may be at first…

You’re a Capricorn, you’re amazing, and yes, it will cost you a little more than anyone, but you’ll get it. And very soon. You would love to tell him that sometimes you do miss him, but that you also know that you prefer to be as you are. Because nothing will ever be like before, because you are the first one that you don’t want it to be like this.

Capri, sometimes you would love to say a thousand things to your ex, but on the other hand, pride can take over. On the other hand, honestly, you know that there are things that are better not to say, and not out of fear, but out of laziness. Lazy to speak so that I don’t understand anything again, lazy because you know that what was was and that what will be is far from that.

You would love to say many things to your ex, but being the way you are, you prefer your actions and deeds to make all the noise. You prefer that one day, the least expected, and if possible, when you see that you have achieved what you wanted, you realize how much you lost.

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