These Three Zodiac Signs Cannot Say “I Love You”.

"I Love You"

These Three Zodiac Signs Cannot Say “I Love You”.

Declaring your love for someone isn’t easy to say. The three little words “I love you” have a big impact and mean a lot. They take a relationship to the next level. But not everyone can pronounce it. Some never even make it.

These three zodiac signs in particular find it difficult to say “I love you”.


Aquarius isn’t necessarily the biggest fan of relationships. Especially when he sees his independence threatened. Because he loves her more than anything. So once you’ve landed an Aquarius, you need to be patient. He will not confess his love to you until he is absolutely sure that the relationship is right for him.


Twins need variety and always new adventures. Always in the same place, they quickly get bored. You are extremely restless. This also applies to relationships. You need some time to get involved with someone. Because for them, a solid partnership means the end of adventures. After a while, however, they realize that they can easily live out their desire for freedom in the relationship, and only then do they say “I love you”.


Virgo is a real perfectionist. When it comes to relationships, everything has to go exactly as she imagined. It is therefore difficult for her to commit to someone. Only when everything is really right can you expect a declaration of love from her. That can take some time. But once she says those three words, she means it.

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