The Most Threatening Signs Of The Zodiac

The Most Threatening Signs Of The Zodiac

The worst thing that someone can do when they are in a bad mood is to say hurtful words, because they pierce the most painful part of your heart. Your mood goes away, but what you said stays there, maybe until the last of days. There are signs of the zodiac , which have a character of fear, impetuous, rebellious, the kind that a deep look is enough to make you feel everything. Its aggressive part mixed with its intense side, can be the most threatening and cruel that life presents you. Did you think of someone? Perhaps it is on the list of the most threatening signs of the Zodiac:

1.- Scorpio 

There is not much to hide, Scorpio has a bad temper in every pore. Although it is an emotional sign, he is not one of those who goes through life being nice to everyone. Especially because it is a very suspicious sign, you are used to meeting people who speak behind your back. But … if you wake up his dark side, you better get away quickly because he has a lot of repressed things that can explode at the wrong time. Scorpio does not understand reasons when his vengeful part is present, that’s when his passionate and temperamental side take control. Don’t tell him to calm down because it will be worse.

2.- Aries 

The second on the list, the sign that has on its side none other than Mars, the planet that honors war, the one that is always ready to fight for what it wants. The truth is that nobody in their five senses wants to see the fury of Aries active. He is a person who carries heat in his veins, it is enough to be provoked for his impulsive side to show that he does not like games. Aries can be sweet and funny, but if the person insists on letting his anger show up, watch out! Aries is on fire, he does not listen to his brain, it is his aggressive side that is desperate to teach you a lesson and will say horrible things to you.

3.- Leo  

Are you really prepared to see the more dangerous side of Leo? He is a fire sign, he is used to winning any kind of argument and he is always holding the hand of his ego. He is a leader, he is not afraid of battle and his arguments are nailed in each of your insecurities. Leo puts his self-esteem first, he is very strong, he knows what he is worth and if someone bothers him they will make him pay dearly. The truth is that you don’t need to use the physical part, it hits you where it hurts the most, which hurts your dignity.

4.- Capricorn 

Behind a constant, disciplined soul who loves perfection, hides a being that is enraged by everything. That type of person who changes his gestures from one moment to another, Capricorn is not given that to pretend, he says things as he thinks and feels them, without fear of consequences. His dark side makes you regret it and ask for forgiveness, but … don’t spend a lot of time on it because he is not one of those who goes through life-giving second chances. It is such a busy sign that it hardly invests time in revenge, it just takes you out of its life.

5.- Sagittarius 

Sagittarius can be sweet, optimistic, unforgiving. But also rapt, cruel and spontaneous. Let’s say that when he gets upset he forgets everything and the bad thing is that he is very hasty, he gets carried away by the moment and invites his rude part. The problem is that most of the time he does not think about the consequences and that is when he tells you the worst. Sagittarius sets a goal, wins the argument and is capable of doing whatever it takes to protect itself. If you hurt him you have to be careful because he can hug you to throw you into the void. It is a figurative sense, it does not go so far.

6.- Cancer 

Cancer is like a snowball that knows no end when it comes to expressing your emotions. He is very passionate, delivered and when he promises you protection he does it from the bottom of his heart. However, his dark side is also crazy, spiteful and he enjoys when karma does its thing. Cancer can love you with all his being but if you hurt him you earn a pass out of his life. It is not one of those who are easily forgotten, so do not try to pretend that nothing is wrong. Years may pass and you will remember everything that once destroyed you. You are now his enemy.


The Most Threatening Signs Of The Zodiac

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