Conflicts And Solutions Of The Signs

Conflicts And Solutions

Conflicts And Solutions Of The Signs

Conflicts are inevitable, even the most peaceful person on earth occasionally gets into trouble, even though he didn’t even look for it. There are signs that are much more warlike than others, people who like to fight. There are those who are calm but will fight if you go after them, and then there are those who really go through anything. Be that as it may, each of the signs of the Zodiac has a way of creating conflicts and seeking solutions to them. Here we show you the conflicts and solutions of the signs:


Aries is a strong sign, if it has to get into a conflict it will do so with its eyes closed, sometimes it seems like it argues for the sake of arguing but there are always values ​​by which it moves. It’s not a fight for the sake of it. He is very passionate and when he sees that something is unfair, he doesn’t take long to tell anyone. Sometimes people think that he gets into a lot of trouble that he shouldn’t, but Aries is like that, he fights for his ideas until the end. Regarding solutions, he will be the first to look for them, he is not afraid to take a step back when he has to do so in a problem. I repeat: WHEN I SHOULD DO IT. Little happens. 


As a rule, Taurus is a calm and peaceful sign that does not seek conflict. But he won’t sit still if you come looking for him, that’s for sure. He is a person who wants peace in his life and can’t stand those who go around prodding everyone to make them get angry or jump. With Taurus the thing is simple: if you don’t want anger, don’t look for anger. Because if you search, you find. 

If there is something to solve, Taurus will be stubborn and you will probably have to be the one to approach him/her, at least to take that first step. 


Conflicts with Gemini are hard, and not because Gemini is a difficult person, it is because he is one of those who does not keep quiet. He can speak to you with all the politeness in the world, yes, but he will refute you as many times as necessary, over and over again, and when you speak, he will speak again later, and when you tell him something, Gemini will want to have the last word… And that is truly what exasperates others. And Gemini knows it. And besides, he loves to get a little crazy. 

If you have to find a solution to any problem, he will be the first to lend his hand. Of course, as long as the apologies are sincere and there is good communication.  


When there is a conflict, Cancer can act in two very different ways. If he knows the person too well, he can quickly lose his temper, especially with disrespectful people who try to make him even more nervous. Cancer can get very defensive about everything, and fall into the traps that others try to set for them. If he does not have much trust in the person involved in the conflict, he may take a step back. 

If you want to solve something with Cancer, you will undoubtedly have to be the one to take that step, and yes, it will not always be easy. 


With Leo the magnitude of the conflict always depends. He is a person who can give great importance to something today but forget about it tomorrow. He does not usually hold a grudge and what he takes to forgive is probably a betrayal. Leo is very hot, capable of exploding at a certain moment over something. Maybe the next day he will have forgotten. 

If you want to find a solution with Leo, he will surely reach out to you. Why live with problems when you can be well? There are things that don’t make sense.


Conflicts with Virgo are less complicated than the world thinks. Although they do not forget anything, they know how to rectify if they understand that they have done something wrong, they know how to take a step back. Of course, you will have to be very patient and explain yourself a thousand times until she really understands it. Virgo has common sense but the problem is that he is a person who is also clear that he rarely makes mistakes, so if he is confused you have to explain it to him logically. 

Virgo can take months or even years to figure something out. She knows how to live with pending problems. But if she sees that you show interest in wanting to fix things, perhaps over time and depending on the magnitude of everything, she will also approach you. And don’t lash out or act like a jerk, she’s calm and reasonable. 


If Libra has a pending conflict, they are capable of not sleeping. He can’t, he needs to solve it and put peace back in his life. Those kinds of things completely disrupt her life, they make her feel tense and not enjoy other things. Obviously, life is what it is and sometimes problems come without looking for them, Libra understands this, but the feeling that it leaves in her body is very bad. The further away the conflict is, the more comfortable Libra will live. 

As for solutions, if you have hurt him a lot and he has already turned the page, Libra may not want to reopen that topic, not even to find a solution. Surely he has suffered enough and overcome many things to give you the opportunity now to repent. Everything has a deadline. 


In any conflict, Scorpio is one of those who studies everything first. He observes, analyzes, and then counterattacks. It is true that conflicts with Scorpio are complicated because he is a person who is going to hurt, he is surely going to hit you where it hurts the most, with a word, with a gesture, with a tone of voice. And even more so if your intention was the same before. He always has some retort, he always has an argument to turn everything around and the worst thing is that many times, even if he is not right, he ends up convincing almost everyone with manipulation. Scorpio will win, by hook or by crook always. 

Even though he can be super twisted, he knows how to forgive if the apologies are sincere and would rather have peace than have war with someone. He needs balance in his life. 


Sagittarius is a bomb for everything, and obviously for conflicts, too. It can go from 0 to 100 in a matter of minutes. It can explode when you least expect it and cause quite a mess. He can scream, scream, cry with rage, or curse in a matter of minutes… And after that, he calms down and that’s it. Of course, having left injuries wherever it has happened. Unless it is something serious, for Sagittarius, conflicts do not last too long. He breaks with everything at one point but then moves on to something else. He doesn’t like to be pinned there all the time. Maybe those who stay are the ones who have it worse. 

When it comes to solving something, more or less the same thing happens, Sagittarius will not put obstacles in the way of anything that has not been too serious. Of course, you come closer because Sagi will probably forget. 


In any conflict, Capri is characterized by being a little insensitive, by being harsh and cold in his arguments, and by hurting and exposing the other without making any effort. Maybe he will listen to you, yes, but then he will answer you, and maybe you won’t like that answer at all, but Capri had it well studied, they were the words that he knew would have some kind of effect. Nothing in the life of this sign is a coincidence. Conflicts can last a long time and be a bit stressful, especially if you don’t have the same capacity for endurance. 

For solutions, Capri will do its part, but you will have to have begged a little before. Even if it’s just a little bit. 


Although Aquarius is a little stern about many things, sometimes he doesn’t even realize that there is a conflict, that something he has done may have upset someone, or that he has messed up. Everyone who knows Aquarius knows that he is very often in his world and does not find out about these things, but that does not mean that if he knows that there is a conflict he does not find a solution. The normal thing is not that it is at the moment because Aquarius is more about running away and watching the problem from the stands until they digest it. But in the end, he will end up getting closer. 

If you are the one who provides the solution, it will be a step that you will save, and that will also save time in general. Because sometimes it takes a long time to take a step forward. 


Conflicts hurt Pisces, they destabilize them, they take away their peace and they think about them a lot. So much so that sometimes it is difficult for him to continue with his life knowing that there is something that he has to solve urgently. He is an extremely sensitive person and that often makes him a little defensive. He doesn’t want anyone to take advantage of that, he doesn’t want them to laugh or make fun of him/her, to hurt him/her. That’s why sometimes and with certain people he attacks before being attacked. With people with whom he does not have much trust he prefers to remain silent but that does not mean that the conflict does not hurt him just the same. Pisces needs a lot of peace. 

Regarding the solution, even if you are very hurt or hurt, you will do your part. Maybe not without first telling you (again) the damage you have done to him.  

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