What Aquarius Should Do In Breakups

Aquarius Should Do In Breakups

What Aquarius Should Do In Breakups

We all go through a breakup at some point and it is true that, until we are at that point, we do not know how we are going to react. When we analyze ourselves, we realize that perhaps we have done things we shouldn’t have, we haven’t cared for or loved ourselves as we deserve, and perhaps we have spent too much time doing things in the breakup process that really have nothing to do with us. nor with our essence. And we did it for fun. We teach you what Aquarius should do in breakups and also, because of his character, what he’s probably been doing.

What you’ve been doing:

Aquarius, you know perfectly well that when there has been a breakup in your life you have simply tried to ignore it in all aspects. I don’t know, as if you had suddenly erased that person from the face of the earth as if he had never passed through your life, as if everything you had experienced had suddenly vanished. And you don’t want anyone to see you weak, nor do you want anyone to feel sorry for you. And you try to convince yourself at all costs that nothing will happen, that in the end, you will end up forgetting it…

You fight your emotions all the time. Maybe your body tells you to cry, and maybe you do it alone. But I’m sure you rarely talk about it with others. You put on your best smile and move forward, even though inside you are broken into a thousand pieces. You don’t want anyone to see you badly, much less know what you are feeling. Maybe the breakup is more complicated than it seems, but you won’t give anyone the pleasure of seeing it.

What you should do:

Emotions will always be there no matter how much you ignore them. In fact, Aquarius, the more we hide them, the more some types of diseases flourish later. If you have to cry, cry, if you have to curse half the world, take out your temper and your rage and do it. Find a way to release them somehow. Write or create something from them.

That liberation will lead you to feel much better about all of Aquarius. With yourself, with others, even with that person. Of course, it may hurt a lot to remember, face, and accept everything that has happened but it is the only path that will set you free. Use pain to create instead of letting it consume you Aquarius. In time, you will be able to truly let go of the pain and move on to another level, something else that is out there, waiting for you…

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