The Most Toxic Friendships In The Zodiac

Most Toxic Friendships

The Most Toxic Friendships In The Zodiac

Not all of us can get along with everyone, and our way of being will please some, while it will alienate others. No problem. Nobody has told you that you came to this world to please others. The truth is that you should always be yourself and surround yourself only with these people who bring out the best in you. Do you have toxic friends with whom you constantly clash? Yeah? And why are you still by his side? Wanting to maintain a relationship at all costs only makes life more complicated, with bad feelings and very depressed moments. We tell you what are the signs that will never be able to be friends; This way, you can see who should be part of your life and who is a waste of time. These are the most toxic friendships in the Zodiac:

Aries and Taurus: together, they end very badly

Aries and Taurus are not the best combination in terms of friendship the first is impulsive and eager to go all out, and the second is more calm. Aries go for everything in life and let themselves be carried away by their most passionate instincts. Taurus, however, are those who take step by step and tread safely. An Aries and a Taurus are so different that the toxicity between them can affect their own health. A relationship like this is one of those “walk away and don’t look back” types. In fact, not even those who know them want to be close to them when they meet… It is better to treat these two separately.

Gemini and Scorpio: not even with glue 

The vibe that Gemini has is the complete opposite of Scorpio, who gets mad day in and day out. Gemini knows how to strike a chord with Scorpio and Scorpio is a real powder keg. There’s nothing to be done when these two find themselves in the same room. And, even less so, when Scorpio brings out the coldest and most serious side of him. Gemini can’t stand it at all. Nothing. Scorpio can be very arrogant and Gemini, when he brings out the wildest side in him, will not shut up even… This pair is destined to be apart. But is there something they have in common? Yeah! Neither supports the other! 

Cancer and Aquarius: opposite poles that will never attract

A toxic friendship that destroys? That of Cancer and Aquarius…. When these two meet, the world is in danger! Cancer is a family lover, a homebody, and very responsible, while Aquarius is completely independent, solitary, and loves his space. A Cancer is never late and, much less, cancels an appointment at the last minute; Aquarius, if he feels the need for it, will do it without any regrets. They are people who add a lot to the lives of others, but the relationships between them can be very destructive. 

Capricorn and Sagittarius: two very different visions of life

Although they won’t get along as badly as other Zodiac pairs, the truth is that hoping for these two to get along is a lot. They are so different that they do not contribute anything to each other and, for this reason, it is difficult to see a strong friendship between them. Capricorns are hardworking, responsible, and very organized; They love planning their lives and achieving goals. Sagittarians, on the other hand, are people who live in the moment and do not usually look to the future. They love to enjoy life now and tomorrow we will see. They do not share their philosophy of life and this makes them stay away from each other.

Leo and Pisces: reality that bothers, dreams that weaken

The clash between dreams and reality is one of the conflicts that have always governed our lives. They are totally opposite concepts and Leo and Pisces honor them. Leo is realistic and very fighter. He has clear ideas and knows how to keep his feet on the ground. He wants what he deserves and doesn’t have high expectations when he meets someone. On the other hand, Pisces is usually a born dreamer. He sees love in everything and has very high expectations from the first moment. This weakness in Pisces is what Leo cannot handle, and vice versa. How can you live life without dreaming a little? This is the eternal question that Pisces will always ask Leos. Leo’s realism makes Pisces very uncomfortable; But, Pisces knows how to drive Leo crazy with the most sensitive part of him. 

Virgo and Libra: too calculating, too similar

Those born under the sign of Virgo are very detailed, organized, and calculating people in the good sense of the word. They like to have everything under control and are always aware of others. They like to be the center of attention and receive from others the same thing that they contribute. With very clear values ​​and ideals, Virgos are clear about where they want to be at all times. And Libra… Libra is the king of routines, stability, and a sense of justice. When Libra starts giving constructive criticism to Virgo, he will get so angry that he will not hesitate for a single minute to distance himself from Libra. They are signs that get “bored” with each other, so friendship… If possible, at a distance.

Being with friends and having a good time is everything in this life. Surround yourself with those who play along; of those who are sincere to you and, above all, of those with whom you enjoy the moment the most. Life is short; There is no time for bad vibes!

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