Zodiac: This Is What Your Moon Planet Says About You

Moon Planet Says About You

Zodiac: This Is What Your Moon Planet Says About You

Feelings, feelings, and more feelings. The planet’s moon influences our emotions. It is very, very important for our soul. That means, through your moon’s destiny, you know how to dream, what you feel, and what you desire. 

The sun sign, i.e. what is known as the zodiac sign, is not sufficient to be able to fully interpret his person. Many more different planets contribute to how one acts as a human. Like the planet Moon, for example. In order to be able to calculate it, you need the place and an exact time in addition to the date of birth. But what exactly does it actually do, the moon?

What is the planet moon responsible for?

The moon shows what you wish for. But also what you can do to feel good about yourself. Your mental well-being depends on your lunar planet. How much you long for someone is determined by it. It is said that a person’s emotional vein lies in their lunar planet. This allows us to know how to deal with our feelings. How empathetic are we? How tender? And: Am I melancholic or even oversensitive?

People who have a strong Moon radiate caring. They like to take care of you. They also react strongly to the moods around them. But which moon position in the horoscope means what?

Moon in Aries

There is hardly anything that is as important to you as your independence. You are always open to new things and can’t stand it when you’re bored. Your temperament is unique. Your impulsive actions get your attention, but it’s not always positive. Because there are people in your area who think you act imprudently. You are also said to be domineering. But people who have Aries in the Moon know that as quickly as you get uneasy, these feelings fade away just as easily.

Moon in Cancer

Feelings play a very important role for you. You are compassionate and know how to put yourself in people’s shoes. But that doesn’t always have good sides. Because your passive behavior makes it easy for those around you to influence you. Sometimes they manage to manipulate you too.

Moon in Gemini

you say what you think At least you know you’re good at expressing yourself. Your talent for communication is unique. You are quickly enthusiastic and do not try to hide it, quite the opposite. You’ve probably noticed that people around you sometimes find it difficult to follow you. Especially when it comes to your moods. There are people who even see you as exhausting. You tend to avoid arguments.

moon in Taurus

You stand by whatever you decide to do. You appreciate the beautiful things that make life worth living. You are a hedonist, especially when it comes to feelings. You are good-natured and there is little that can faze you. You don’t know uncontrolled behavior and emotional outbursts. You are calm.

Moon in Virgo

You are versatile, gifted, and talented across a wide spectrum. You strive for perfection and usually achieve it every time. Yet you manage to stay humble. The structure is important to you, order anyway. And if you don’t like something, you say so. And that’s what makes you a whiner sometimes. To the detriment of your loved ones.

moon in Leo

There is nothing more important to you than your pride. You like to boss around, always want to be right, and often lose yourself in your dogmatism. But you’re always in a good mood. Optimism is your middle name. You love to be positive and radiate it too. But just like your happy nature, you also like to be surrounded by luxury. And you make no secret of that.

moon in Libra

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that you can always be counted on. You are very humble, uncomplicated, and popular with everyone. You can pull yourself out of an affair. A quarrel with you is impossible because your skill in every discussion is perfect.

moon in Pisces

You are dreamy and sensitive. Both are qualities that those around you love. Your good nature helps everyone you know. Even if he doesn’t even ask for it. But you have to be careful not to take advantage of it.

moon in Aquarius

You love nothing more than your freedom. You don’t like to be restricted, nor do you stick to things that are told to you. Nevertheless, you are popular with everyone and always polite. Your environment likes to be around you. Although you always need people around you, no one can get too close to you. You prefer casual acquaintances.

Moon in Capricorn

You are responsible like no other. Reliability and constant motivation to get things done are always priorities for you. But because of your cool nature, it sometimes comes across as if you were dismissive. Those around you don’t get along very well with your rejection – even if you don’t even mean it.

Moon in Sagittarius

You are adorable and kind. Everyone would love to be friends with you, but freedom is important to you. You do not want to be restricted and remain independent. You know how life has to be lived.

Moon in Scorpio

You know what you want. And you also know how to get your way. You hardly trust anyone but yourself and are very self-focused. You also like to be the center of attention and you don’t really care much about anything other than yourself. If someone wants to steal the show from you, then they have a big problem.

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