Being of one zodiac sign or another gives us differences in the way we dress, in our personal style, in how we mix the colors, or if we are very fashionable or on the contrary, we prefer to wear quality garments in the that we invested years ago. If you want to know your style when dressing according to your sign, keep reading. Surely some detail surprises you, such as why it is difficult for you to get rid of those pants that you bought ten years ago.


When it comes to dressing, you dare with everything AriesDepending on how you get up, you improvise and wear whatever suits your mood that day. One day the classic style will suit you, another the urban one, and another the sporty one. As you are also someone very fast, before leaving home, if you think of a change of garment, you do it without a problem, and for that reason, you are not late anywhere.

On the weekend you may think more about the look, because it is not the same to dress for dinner with friends, than for a flirting date. Your style has something chameleonic, you know how to adapt with your clothes so as not to clash wherever you go. Being someone so dynamic, clothes that are too narrow, that prevent you from moving freely, or wear uncomfortable shoes that slow you down. Which does not mean that an Aries girl does not know how to go with heels and be as natural as if she were wearing sneakers. He does it with style and doesn’t stumble once.


Taurus, your style surprises because it is discreet but you end up attracting attention by combining clothes with daring and impressive accessories. You like fashion but also quality clothes that withstand the passage of time well. That is why you invest in buying good clothes, and you prefer to have a few quality clothes than to have a lot but cheap. You always think about what to wear every day but because you think about everything. And of course, you are right to combine the classic with the trends plus comfort, being elegant whether you go to work, in class, on the street, or in any restaurant on the weekend.

Earth tones are your favorites and sober black for nights and big occasions. And if you had to choose a look it would be the classic cowboy with a white shirt, which both Taurus girls and boys love.


Gemini, you are so changeable in your way of being and in the type of life that you like, that it is evident that your way of dressing is the same. You change your style a lot and you don’t like to seem like you have a defined one. Also, since you are cheerful and daring, it shows in your clothes, in how you mix them differently, and in how you like to attract attention and provoke with it. Your dual and versatile sign is responsible for a multifaceted personality and a very charismatic way of living fashion.

Your wardrobe moves the same as you do, and is full of seasonal clothes, clothes from the sales, clothes given by your many friends … When you put yourself in front of you, it is difficult to choose because a thousand ideas assail you until you find the look of the day. You like greens a lot, perhaps because of that “whoever dresses in green is handsome”. And you like yourself a lot, regardless of who it weighs.


Cancer, your style of dress according to your sign is quite clear. You are the most romantic person in the Zodiac, so there is some romantic style in your way of dressing as it could not be otherwise. For girls, the ties in blouses, lace, or velvet triumph, and for boys, vests, a garment widely used in the last century that is very fashionable in the 21st century. There is no doubt that you know how to mix the old with the modern very well. For example, you draw attention with a vintage jacket or dress but then combined it with some very futuristic earrings.

In your house, there are clothes stored for years that you are reluctant to throw away, although you never put them on afterward (or you put them on at times to remember moments you enjoyed with them). You like water and therefore blue and green tones. For a party, you would undoubtedly choose dresses or jackets in cobalt blue, cyan, petrol, or midnight blue, all ideal to awaken your most vital essence.


Leo, you like shopping and luxury brands, how could it be otherwise. And you like to impress with your dazzling style. Both in footwear, clothing, or outerwear, your taste is noticeable, and you prefer quality to quantity (although you also like quantity, so we are going to fool ourselves). you always follow your instinct), but you follow the trends to always be up to date, you dare with almost everything (not to say everything). You like to buy in season and you leave the sales for a day when you are bored. You like bright colors, ocher, and gold for the night, and always wear something, clothes, shoes or some accessory, that attract a lot of attention.


Virgo, as if it were an extension of your personality, your style when the dressing is discreet, you do not go crazy with accessories and you believe that clothes have to be comfortable and practical above all. But since you analyze everything, when you go for fashion, you learn until the last of the trends and you know what is wearing at all times. When it comes to shopping, you prefer to accompany someone and give them advice than to visit stores just for you. That is what the internet is for where you handle yourself perfectly.

Classic is more for you than going with something very flashy because you think it doesn’t suit your personality. You do not like an exaggeration, so in your style, you comply with that and you dress more moderate than extravagant. With the range of gray, you look very good, perhaps because it is a classic and elegant color, like you. And for a daring day, red!


You are the zodiac sign with the most style, without a doubt. Your powerful sense of aesthetics and harmony guides you to choose the right garments for every occasion, every season, every event… you always look perfect and you draw attention wherever you go. The proof is the times they ask you where you bought that garment or that. Mix colors and styles with absolute perfection, and you triumph for your mastery to mix fabrics, colors, or trends.

You can say goodbye to glamor or go with an elegant or rabidly modern touch. And you know how to differentiate the day from the night with mastery, but it is also that you never clash by wearing something to party in full sunlight or something very sporty at night. When someone wants their style when it comes to dressing, they could ask you.


Scorpio, your style is marked by your intuition. You dress how you feel and know what you want at all times guides you. Your security is noticeable in the way you dress, as in almost everything in life. You have a knack for provoking and that leads you to choose clothes that highlight your glamour or sensual side. Clothes are an appendage of your charismatic personality. You play with fashions, with trends, or go over them widely if you want. You bet on a personal style and permeate your decisions to dress every day according to your mood.

You love black, that’s nothing new. You also do not need to attract attention to clothes, as with nothing. For this reason, you dismiss by dressing certain sobriety and a certain mysterious touch. You are presumed but not excessively, you have super-powerful security in yourself and it shows in everything you do.


Sagittarius, your style is very feminine if you are a girl and very masculine if you are a boy. As a good Sagittarius, you show a great personality in everything you do, and in dressing, it was not going to be less. But since you are someone very moved on a physical level, you do not like to be too uncomfortable or with tight clothes and that makes you feel that you are not you. You can bet on a simple style or a more sophisticated one because you have the necessary security to dare with everything. But you are also rebellious and if you are forced to dress in this or that way, you rebel because you do not like to be marked out. The path is up to you.

You especially like sports garments, or all those that are used for traveling, where you choose excellent materials and qualities both in mountain footwear, wetsuits for surfing and in good backpacks and suitcases that can withstand being dragged through airports around the world.


Capricorn, your style is above all conservative and very comfortable, that’s why sometimes you can be seen with some old-fashioned garment, but this does not matter to you. If you like it, that’s what counts, and if it’s quality, enough to wear it for the seasons that are needed. The truth is that you do not care if you wear something old-fashioned or that does not follow trends. Besides that, you like to look at the price of things, and if you invest in good shoes or a good coat, you are not going to throw them away because they are a few years older. The design for you has to be something practical rather than sophisticated.

You are true to your style and if others pressure you to change, they are clear about it. Because you miss them. Oh, and you don’t like a closet full of worthless clothes. And also that when you like something, you wear it a lot or buy it again if it breaks. Because you play it safe and you don’t like to take risks. And less on clothes and spending money foolishly.


Aquarius, the way you dress defines you a lot, your style of dress goes a lot with your sign. Come on, you are quite distinguished by the way you dress with which you make it clear that you like to break any established norm. You go from the fashions, or you are able to wear all the trends on the same day and attract attention for good. In any case, the trend is set by you. Your style is so personal that others know you for the caps or hats you wear, for the rare bags, or for that vintage coat from a London flea market that is the envy of all.

With colors, you also dare with everything and you are able to mix patterns or tones that have never been combined and you do it perfectly. You show your creativity by dressing and that is something that everyone recognizes you. At its core, it is like a way to show your rebellion, your individuality, and your vibrant personality.


Imagination to power. Pisces, if we had to define your style of dress, this phrase would summarize it very well. In reality, it means that you know how to dress in a thousand ways and they all hit you, as they go with your personality. You have a lot of hands to dress according to the day, the style of your partner, or where you have to go. Likewise, since you are someone quite sweet, you don’t like very aggressive clothes, such as very rocker looks, studs, or leather or metallic details. The hippie thing suits you, although the reality is that you don’t have a defined style because you don’t like to be defined in any way. You are a free spirit and even capricious that some days it takes you to dress a little longer than normal. Which does not matter because the result always attracts attention.


Your Style At The Time Of Dressing According To Your Sign


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