Your Soul Twin According To The Month You Were Born

They say that the soul mate arrives like this, without warning and with an unstoppable force that leaves you with half breath. He is the one who shakes you with an emotional blow, the one who makes you face your fears, he is your mirror. He is the one who is not afraid to caress your wounds. He is the one who falls in love with your hobbies and inspires you to heal all those ghosts that do not let you advance. When it comes, you don’t even wonder whether or not he is the right person, because he feels deep down. In the way it fills you with life and takes your breath away. Do you want to know what it is like according to the month you were born?

1.- January

Those who opened their eyes for the first time in January have an ambition that breaks with the conventional. Their dreams are big, they don’t settle for just anything, on the contrary, they demand themselves at every step. Your soulmate has to be someone who is able to keep up with you, who does not panic when discovering your flaws. Someone to support you through thick and thin. Those in January are brave, determined souls, they are those who are looking for a companion for life. His soul mate is someone who is not afraid to jump into the ring, someone who inspires him, who reminds him that despite adversity, he can get ahead. Only then will you be willing to surrender.

2.- February

Those in February have a thirst for freedom, they like to choose themselves above all else, they are not willing to meet the expectations of the rest. They are changeable and that is something that few couples can deal with. They are those who seek joy, that accumulation of adventures that keeps them wanting to live at every moment. His soulmate is the one who realizes that being by his side is enough, that every day he checks that your emotional state is a flutter and still prefers it. Those of February are unpredictable, they like to go against the clock, but in a stealthy way. Their intellect is more than obvious and that is why they rarely lose their minds.

3.- March

The March ones are like a tender, disinterested hug and with a lot of love to give. They are compassionate souls and that is why they always earn the respect of those around them. Although to some they may seem naive, in reality they always have everything well calculated. Never underestimate their temper because you could end up with tears in your eyes. The good news is that most of the time they are cute. Your soulmate is one who is willing to give everything that is in his being. Someone who is capable of putting their hands in the fire for you. A love that understands that giving yourself unconditionally is one of the most beautiful things.

4.- April

The April people are strong, authentic souls, they are the ones who have the gift of captivating you in the blink of an eye. There are those who may be affected by his vibrant personality, but it is not something to keep them awake. Your soulmate is the one who is not scared by your brightness, someone who instead of cutting your wings impels you in every way. You stay with the partner who holds your hand tight through thick and thin. You know that this is not someone perfect, but you do care that they do their part. A mental, physical and emotional connection, a connection that makes you turn back and understand why it didn’t work out with others.

5.- May

The May people are beings who have the concentration in each unemployment, they know very well what they want in this life and what they expect from others. They will not settle for crumbs, the moment they realize that they do not fit in their life, they decide to turn the page. Those of May can love you with the deepest of their roots, but if you damage them they tear you away in the same way. They have a passionate side, which is present when they give themselves and also when they work hard for something they want. Your soulmate is one who applauds your achievements, who isn’t scared of your potential, and who when things go wrong, is there to lift you up.

6.- June

June people have a sensitivity few know. And they are extremely cautious when it comes to sharing their emotions. Although they can be very sweet, they are also very resilient, they have gone through so much that now when it comes to love they think twice. Your soul mate has to be someone who shows himself in a transparent way, someone with whom he can speak without filters, who gives him the confidence to share his fears, sorrows and those dreams that he keeps in the secrets of his memory. Someone who is capable of taking care of you as if you were the most sacred treasure of his life. That’s when you let yourself go.

7.- July 

Those of July, are those who have the gallantry from birth, it is their bright and somewhat irreverent personality, which always distinguishes them from the rest. His thing is to connect with people, they earn their admiration, for the way they see life. They are not left with the desire for anything, when they want something they go out to look for it. They call it Independence and the truth is that they savor it in a unique way. Your soul mate is the one who dares to love without fear, who has the sincerity to say what he feels and gives him the assurance that they can build something for the long term. You are synonymous with courage and whoever comes into your life knows it, but few remain.

8.- August

Those in August are souls who were born to be heard, being a leader is part of their nature. They are the ones who have high standards, they prefer a thousand times to take refuge in solitude, than to end up in the wrong arms. Those of August have a controlling side, not everyone can with so much pressure. They like direct things and what they hate the most is that they talk behind their backs. Your soulmate is one who is willing to hold your hand no matter how strong the tide gets. Someone brave, practically unshakable, someone who is able to understand that life is like that, it has its bitter moments, but it is worth it.

9.- September

Those of September are a hug to the heart, they have a very warm character, of light blood they say. And it is that although they are quite critical of themselves, when it comes to helping others they do not think twice. They are the type of people who give you confidence, who give you back the reasons to continue fighting for what you want. Your soul mate is someone who is fascinated by each of your qualities, someone who has the courage to respect, to love, to go your way. A soul that is willing to break with the conventional, that is not afraid to show what is really in its being. There is the key to everything.

10.- October

Those in October are the ones who go at a fast pace, their head is always full of a lot of things. And it is that their intelligence gives them enough to plan the rest of their life, the bad thing is that most of the time things do not go as expected, but they have the courage to face the consequences. You are the one who cares about everything and everyone, your instincts are always heard and there is no decision that you do not think twice. Therefore, your soulmate has to be someone who does not get scared when discovering your true self. Someone who has the courage to empathize, who is able to understand that there are times when you give everything to help others.

11.- November

Balance, charm, creativity. Those born in November are people who always hold their heads high, trust who they are and hold on to their self-esteem in an incredible way. Their ambition surpasses everything, they are the ones who set a goal and do not give up until they achieve it. They don’t go around humbling, but if you interfere with their success, they won’t hesitate to step aside. Your soulmate is one who is capable of bringing balance, someone who invites you to live in the moment, but also to reflect. A being who takes care of you, who understands you, who does not judge you and who is willing to compromise. That’s when you feel ready and want it all.

12.- December

Honesty, trust, transparency. Those who came to the world in December are extremely exceptional souls, being by their side is synonymous with joy, they fill you so much with life that it is like going back to childhood. They have that warmth of home in every word, every look, every touch. They are very playful, their sense of humor is their best accessory and they are not scared when it comes to giving it their all. Your soul mate has to be your mirror, someone who has the same desire to help, a reliable, intelligent, dedicated being. The person who is willing to see their defects and feel identified. That is true love, the one that awakens your desire to love.


Your Soul Twin According To The Month You Were Born

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