Your love life in 2020 based on your star sign.


You shouldn’t have any hopes for big changes in your love life next year. The coming year will be shaped by planning and thinking and you will do your best to set the course in a life that is comfortable for you.

Overall, you’re a happy single who doesn’t want to force anything. You will not take any drastic measures to get to know someone.


You will face major changes in your love life relatively early in the coming year. And although you are someone who hates change and prefers to be faithful to their routine, this change will only be good for your life in the long run.

Most of the changes that await you will be positive. You will meet someone who brings stability and consistency to your life and in the long run, this relationship will really fill you up.

TWINS (MAY 22 – JUNE 21)

When it comes to romance and gestures that touch our hearts, the coming year may not be the best for you as far as that is concerned. You won’t really be lucky in love. But that doesn’t mean you will be unhappy. You can count on a year that extreme lows but also extreme highs have in store for you.

The darker chapters in the coming year will bring you closer to your true core and give you the opportunity to get to know yourself better, while the high phases show you the beautiful side of life that you want more and more and that will motivate you for the other areas of your life.


You will most likely not go into the coming year as a single and therefore the coming year is perfect for both of you to deepen your relationship.

A year full of love and romance awaits you and 2020 will rush past you on the fly because you won’t perceive much outside of your relationship. You feel free and take risks that you won’t regret. You will see that next year is a lucky year for you.


If you fall in love next year, be sure it won’t be easy. This love, when it takes place, will put your patience and nerves to the test, and you, as a lion, will need to exercise discipline so as not to destroy anything. An important part of this love having a happy ending will be that you learn to give other people the space they need in your life.

Nobody wants to be with someone who makes you feel like you’re just filling the gap. The next year will be one with a happy ending if you learn to control yourself and don’t always want to be the center of attention.


In 2020 you will get many new perspectives on yourself but above all on your love life. With these new experiences and perspectives, you will make certain decisions much easier and, above all, better. You, as a very thoughtful zodiac sign, will ask yourself the right questions and the answers will find you throughout the year.

All of this will lead you to the right person in the middle of next year and it will have a deep spiritual relationship with a partner who, like you, does not see life from a superficial perspective.


There are a lot of changes waiting for you in 2020 dear Libra. However, these changes do not take place outside of you, but much more within you. Some of it will be good and positive for your personality, while others may charge you so that you could make a negative impression on outsiders.

In the end, however, it is all a question of perspective and how well each person knows you. Unfortunately, your love life will suffer from these changes that you will be very busy with yourself in the coming year and will not really have a head for a relationship.


You will take a completely new path and open some new chapters in the coming year. Love waits in some of them, but disappointment in others. In 2020 a painful separation awaits you, which you will need a long time to process.

However, if you are still single until the last third of the coming year, then at the end you can expect a new and very interesting acquaintance that could take your whole being to a next higher spiritual level.


Your optimism and your naturally good mood will also radiate in the coming year, which will also lead to people looking for your proximity and there will probably also be someone there who wants more than just your proximity.

You will attract a lot of positive energies and therefore also positive people. And it looks really good for you when it comes to a long-term relationship next year.


You won’t see any major changes in 2020 and that suits you. You will spend most of the next year refining your career and working your way up in your company.

As for love, you will accept it as it comes. You don’t put any special effort into getting to know new people. In contrast to your job, you leave love to chance.


In 2020, being in a relationship is not a priority for you. There are other areas of life to which you will devote much more. And even if your love life will suffer because it will probably not even take place in the coming year, the other areas of your life will blossom and thus you as a person will reach a completely new level spiritually but also from the whole being. You are on the right track, even without a partner by your side.


In 2020 you will face some serious problems. Your nerves and your mental strength are put to the test. You will be sick very often because your immune system will suffer from stress.

Nevertheless, you can count on a strong development of your personality, because you grow on the storms and not in the sunshine. The coming year may not have a relationship in your luggage, but you will outgrow yourself and get to know yourself better.


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