Your love horoscope for the month of November.


For the ram, a lot will be cleared up in the month of November. If you’re in a “fast relationship,” then it will finally come to a solution, as I can not tell you this precipitate, but it will make you easier, no matter how it goes out.

Even if there is a breakup, do not stick your head in the sand, it may be best for you both to go their separate ways.


If you’re single and bull, somebody in the month of November will contact you from the past. Someone you’ve ever had a relationship with or something like that.

You then have the choice, you let this person back into your life or have you realized in the last weeks and months during the separation that you do not miss the man himself, but much more just the “idea” of who this person could be ,

The bull tends to give a chance to people who once hurt him. What makes them seem kind to the outside, but actually they only hurt themselves with it.


November is a auspicious month for all twins born to take their relationship to the next level.

This is the month when you and your partner can connect at a deeper and connected level. Such as an engagement or even a marriage and your love will be stronger this month than ever before.

For twins who are longer in a relationship, this is truly a beautiful month ahead of us. And the single twins are not excluded because for them this month is also suitable for getting to know someone for something serious.


Unfortunately, in the month of November, love has to undergo a technical downturn. If you are forgiven, your partner will feel neglected and everything you do will not be enough.

As a cancer, this month you’re the worker whose work is not even rewarded. It’s just a bad month for the crabs.

If you’re cancer and single, November brings you new people in your life and you have a charisma that literally encourages you to be in a relationship. Use this energy and get to know people.

The disadvantage as a single though is that all the charisma does not work if nobody is there who is looking for something serious. And unfortunately you will have to take this month as a lesson, that a lot of appearances and little being on the single market is represented.


For you, the month of November is a month of knowledge. You finally realize which people you need to remove from your life and who the one to whom you should pay more attention. It’s a kind of detoxification you’ll do this month.

It will not be easy to complete this detox, but you will, because you have realized that you have to if you want to be happy.

And before the month is over, you will feel that the best thing you could have done was. Because with the people who were poison for your life and are now gone, comes a relief and your love life gets new momentum.


Unfortunately, dear Virgo, you are one of the zodiac signs that have a difficult and complicated November in front of you when it comes to love.

The last few months have been relatively quiet and you have been able to go about your daily routine. But now some complications will be in the form of other people. Some want to get to know you, but you do not want to and someone you want to get to know better, shows no interest in you.

However, if you are forgiven, then there will be many things that bother you about your partner, and you’re talking about it, which could lead to heated discussions that you, as a pacifist virgin, can not stand.

I’m not saying you should not say what you think and what bothers you, but every now and then it just does not pay to start an unnecessary discussion.


You should relax a bit in the month of November and not always constantly think about everything and divide it into innumerable pieces in your mind. This does not only burden you, but also the people around you.

Be brave enough to come out from behind your protective wall and show yourself, someone is waiting for you with the potential to really make you happy. Only courage.


If you were born in the sign of Scorpio, then I have no good news for you about the month of November and your love life.

Even if your life has developed positively in contrast to October, that does not mean that everything turns out as if by magic and you do not have to do anything.

What you should pay particular attention to is the person you have let into your life, because one of these people is just exploiting your goodness and only pretending that mine is doing well with you.

I know that it is very important to you to feel comfortable with someone before you drop your walls. But take your time, keep your protective walls above the whole month of November.


Similar to Scorpio, you are one of the zodiac signs whose love life in the month of November is not exactly intoxicating.

If you’re single, your past will haunt you, even if it’s the last thing you need right now. People from your past will contact you, meet you or confront you with something that you have long wanted to leave behind.

Unfortunately, if you are forgiven, I have to tell you that there is a split in the air because of developments in the near past. When the time comes, it will be a painful break, but unexpected for the partner, but predictable.

And if there is no separation, then some quarrels, drama and stress are waiting for you in the month of November. Cheer up, better times will come again.


November is an important month for all Capricorn-born. He separates the wheat from the chaff.

The stars will lead you to a decision that is good for your love life, but in the end it’s you and not the stars that need to make a decision. This month you will face the decision as to whether this relationship has any future or not.

For those born in the Capricorn zodiac and single, the month of November is the chapter of this year, in which they have to decide whether they want to stay alone or are finally ready for a relationship. Because there is someone who makes them think.


In the month of November, the stars are on your side and they send you positive energy, which you will also need to go the right way for you.

You are calm and have peace of mind and relationship problems are far from your relationship because it simply harmonizes with you.

If you’re single and born in Aquarius, then this month is a flirting that can turn into something solid. So always keep your eyes open, because this month everything is possible for you.


Your love horoscope for this month does not really bring you good news. This month is much more to reflect and question yourself.

Take this month to look deeper into yourself and understand the deeper meaning behind your yearnings. A relationship is not always the answer to our yearnings and the month of November offers you the time to think about it.

You can not change anything that has already happened and there is no reason for you to keep thinking about your past and your decisions.

You can only learn from your mistakes and make sure not to repeat them.

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