Your horoscope for the week of January 31st to February 6th, 2022


You focus on your friends and your networks. You benefit from your contacts at work because you are always well informed. You can look forward to the near future, both professionally and privately: the phase with the delays and misunderstandings will be over on Friday. Sunday: It is worth investing in a longer discussion.


When it comes to your beliefs and goals, you are combative and consistent. Anyone who blogs, studies or is in a training course really gets involved and achieves a lot. It is possible that you are planning a language trip to develop yourself further. Friday: Regular rituals are important – in beauty and in relationships.


A lot of things become clear to you (only pleasant things, by the way): You can define your goals more precisely, have a better overview of your life and recognize what great friends you have. There may be changes in your clique or your circle of colleagues that are an improvement for you. Monday:  You start the week in top shape.


Now there is headwind and that’s a good thing. Someone around you is getting in the way, annoying you or just being unfriendly. This makes you awake and combative. A success at the end of the week shows you that you are right. But at the same time you also get a lot of love . Thursday: You need contact with nice people.

5. LEO

There is a lot to do and your everyday life is really busy. By Friday, mishaps or misunderstandings could turn your life into a bumpy road. Plan a time buffer! In love you experience a relaxed everyday life. Friday: You can improve something that isn’t quite optimal yet. This suits you very well with your high standards.


Two things are coming together for you at the moment: fighting spirit and creativity . It’s a great and productive combination! You score points in your job, in your private projects, in love and also in sports because you are really ambitious. If you actively implement your wishes, you make yourself happy. Monday : It’s okay to change your mind.


A lot of strength flows into the family and the children. That connects, but in the case of couples, togetherness is neglected. Solo Libras can’t find anyone who meets their needs, but are quite content with being single and have time for their hobbies. Tuesday: Great Confidence. You are tackling something for which you have previously lacked the courage.


Be careful, you currently need more communicative sensitivity. You often formulate quite drastically and therefore come across as slightly aggressive. On the other hand, plain text is important and correct. An old theme resurfaces in the family. Friday: You radiate courage, self-confidence and optimism. You perform well in sports.


You have certain concepts and ideas and it is extremely important to you that your fellow human beings understand what you are about, which is why you keep getting everyone involved in discussions. There could be delays with your finances , for example with bank transfers . Wednesday: your wellness program: going to bed early today and sleeping in.


If you’ve fallen short of your potential, now is the time to show what you’re made of. You have so much power! Your ambition and self-confidence are like an engine that drives you. Cosmic extra: great charisma, moments of happiness and success in love. Thursday: Seize an opportunity that presents itself to you.


You don’t want to share a lot of what’s happening in your life with others at the moment. You also keep your love life a secret – some Aquarians have a secret affair. At work you ask yourself if everything wasn’t better in the past. Tuesday: The new moon today is like a mini New Year’s Eve – good for a new beginning and to reposition yourself.


Legendary: your generosity and empathy towards others. In the past you have often forgotten yourself. At the moment, however, you are very good at keeping altruism and egoism in a healthy balance. You are in a good mood and have a very positive view of your future. Sunday: Not a good day to tell others what to do.

Your horoscope for the week of January 31st to February 6th, 2022

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