Your Greatest Lie According To Your Sign

Your Greatest Lie According To Your Sign

All of us, absolutely all of us have lied at some point throughout our lives and although right now we presume to be the most sincere people on the planet, it is not true. We all have one of the big lies that we always carry with us. If you want to know what your biggest lie is according to your sign, you just have to keep reading to find out:


Aries, you lie about whether you’re okay or not. You pretend that everything around you is fine even when you are at your worst. You do not like to be seen as vulnerable and that is why you lie in this regard. You prefer to pretend with a smile on your face before you come crying from the corners. Try not to repress any of your feelings because that will hurt you in the long run. Don’t scratch yourself and don’t hide anything, crying is also brave.


Taurus, you don’t like lies, what’s more, you detect them from miles away, but you also lie from time to time. You lie, above all, because you don’t want to go to certain events and you don’t stop looking for excuses to get away and stay home watching your favorite series and eating some good dumplings. You are a very homely person and nobody is going to change that side of you. Whoever wants to be by your side, has to accept it.


Gemini, you have lived a lot and it shows because you have a lot of experience in all areas of life. You lie about your past because you don’t want to be judged for things you did when you weren’t at your best. You are a trustworthy and respectable person, but it is true that your immaturity at another time made you do things that you are not proud of and you prefer to ignore it rather than having to explain something that is no longer part of your life.


Cancer, your biggest lie is super absurd, but it’s a lie. You don’t like to lie because you hate it when they do it to you, but you lie in small details to make yourself look good with people. You love complimenting those around you, even if their clothes or their new haircut is an accurate picture for you. You don’t like to speak your mind on that kind of thing because you want people to be true to their essence regardless of what others think.


Leo, you are pure fire and you feel things with great intensity. You are very used to the feeling of being in love, but you do not like to give too many clues about what you feel to others because you do not want to seem desperate, especially when you are starting to get to know someone. You are embarrassed to admit that you have felt so soon because you don’t want the other person to run away and so you lie.


Virgo, you like to pretend that you know everything because you want to talk about any topic. You are a very intelligent person and you know exactly what you have to do to make others believe that you know much more than you do. You like to learn, but you obviously don’t handle all walks of life. The important thing for you is that others believe that if you are capable of handling them and you don’t hesitate for a single second to lie, so be it.


Libra, you lie about your mood because you don’t want to worry anyone. You act like you don’t have headaches from all the internal and external conflicts around you. This is your biggest lie and you will never let it go. You’d rather eat all your waste by yourself than give your people headaches. Libra tries to be a little more mature in that sense and not repress your feelings.


Scorpio, you lie about your self-confidence because you don’t like exposing your biggest insecurities, especially in front of people you don’t know deeply. You believe that if you show everything, anyone can hurt you and you prefer to pretend to be the safest person in the world to put an end to any doubts. It is true that this facet helps you achieve many things, but it is true that you have many insecurities within you.


Sagittarius, you lie about your weekends because you really don’t want anyone to find out what you’ve done. You are a free soul and you always do what you want, you break limits that you don’t even believe and that’s why you lie about it because you know that sometimes you go overboard. Sagi, don’t scratch yourself too much with that topic, you are who you are and whoever wants to be by your side has to know it.


Capricorn, you lie about your schedule because many times you finish your work to the top and the last thing you want is to go out, so you know that the best option so that they do not solve your excuses is to say that you are at work. Staying at home is a blessing for you, but Capri, there’s no need to lie. Try to be honest and stop fooling around, you don’t have the need to lie for that couple of nonsense.


Aquarius, your biggest lie is your financial situation. You act like you’re doing everything right so no one cares about you or feels sorry for you. It doesn’t matter how bad you’re having it because you know that sooner or later you’ll find the solution to your problems and that’s why you don’t want to scratch anyone with your moves. Aquarius, you do not like to lie at all, but on this occasion, if you see it necessary.


Pisces, you lie about your love life, and you pretend to be happy so as not to receive unwanted advice. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a relationship, when you’re in a bad way with your love life, you lie about it because you don’t want anyone to get involved where they’re not called. You love the feeling of living happily in a permanent love story and that’s why you lie to believe that you are. Pisces, stop lying to yourself because it’s the worst thing you can do.


Your Greatest Lie According To Your Sign

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