Your Greater Obstacle In Life According To Your Sign


As human beings that we are, we all face a series of obstacles, we all fight to overcome all kinds of adversities. However, there will always be some obstacle that will continue to haunt us throughout our lives. If you want to know what is the obstacle that torments you most according to your sign, what you have to do is open your eyes and continue reading:



Aries, if there is something in life that is an obstacle for you is to stand still, you can’t stand that feeling of not being able to do anything, it’s as if something ate you inside. You are full of energy, exciting and adventurous energy, which, although you do not want it, raises many envies.

You know you can’t have your a*s still, you need to be from here to there, without anyone telling you what to do, it’s something that surpasses you, but it’s true that sometimes, you’ll have to learn to live with it, especially in the workplace, since more than once your supervisor is going to give you an order, and although you know that you don’t like it, you will not have any other choice but to carry it out.


Anyway, Aries, do not worry too much because what can become an obstacle, can become an opportunity to find yourself and reflect on what you have done in life since you are a free soul and almost never You have stopped to think about what you have been leaving along the way.


Taurus, you know that your biggest obstacle is to face social situations, you are not exactly the most sociable zodiac sign, and calm because everyone knows it, you have very bad things about having to force situations, which neither go nor come to you, they make you feel very uncomfortable, you prefer the comfort of your home, that tranquility that breathing there is not given to you by anyone.

Everyone of first feels like a cold and distant person, but once they know you, they already know the reason for that first impression, in fact, Taurus, when you open up to people, you can become a big surprise, You are full of affection and understanding, but very few know that since no one wins you selective, you are not to have many friends, but the ones you have are real.


Taurus, maybe, you should stop being so afraid to interact and start living in the moment, because believe me that maybe you’re missing the opportunity to meet wonderful people.


Gemini, your biggest obstacle in life is for someone to try to slow you down, that speed at which you usually have accustomed to the whole world is part of you and without it, you would not be yourself. You love going to a thousand per hour, you are a sign that can not stop, who likes to enjoy life and feels that if it will stagnate and stop enjoying it.

Routine is something that kills you inside and makes you stop dry, you have to try to make that routine that you apparently cannot change become something attractive for you so that you do not lose the illusion and desire to live that you have. Don’t let the biggest obstacle of your life make you bitter, it’s simpler than it seems, if you don’t like something, change it.


Gemini you are full of especially nervous energy that moves your whole body, from head to toe, but calm, because everyone knows how you are, and they have two options, accept you or let you go, there is no middle ground.


Yes Cancer, yes, your biggest obstacle in life is the way you take things, you take them personally and this is not good for you, all it does is make you feel distressed and overwhelmed by things that, maybe, they don’t even come to you, things you can’t control and don’t go with you.

You tend too much to internalize all the moments of your life and this all it does is that it costs you too much to let things go, but Cancer sometimes is necessary to do it, if you will never stop suffering, no matter how much you feel it is not Well it is the best possible option.


Cancer you should start thinking more about yourself and stop taking things so heartily, that by one ear you enter and on the other, you get out, believe me, that you will thank him, you will find a peace that you never imagined you could have.


Leo, the biggest obstacle you are going to have in your life is to control your frustrations when you witness an injustice, you can’t stand the fact that the world is formed in this way, you can’t stand that some are judged in one way and others in another, you can’t understand why we are not all the same, because although you have the reputation of being the most egocentric sign, you also look to have a fair world in which we are all equal.


You can’t stand the lies and these are linked with injustices, by mean and rude people, you know that everything has as a consequence problems, problems for you, because you don’t know how to contain yourself and have the strength to not open your mouth, because Leo, even if you feel the need to face the injustices, if you don’t shut up it can bring you problems, like “Why do you get where they don’t call you?”

Leo, you have to try to get used to living with all this, because, even if you want to change it, the world will always be full of this shit, injustices.


Virgo, there is no greater obstacle in life for you than having to reorganize your plans, you like to have everything prepared well in advance, you take a lot of time to organize everything and that at the last moment you have to change it, you do not like it A hair, you wear it very badly.

You are a person who is used to having a routine and you are very happy with it, for others this is very difficult to understand, but for you, there is nothing that makes you happier than having everything controlled, without surprises, you are aware that life can change you at any time and for that reason, you like to have everything well tied so that it cannot happen.


Virgo, it’s very good to have everything under control, but sometimes you should throw yourself in the pool, without thinking much about what might happen, because that’s how the best experiences of our lives happen.


If there is an obstacle for you Libra, it is the strange obsession with the attractive, you are attracted to everything that has to do with the world of beauty, and this can bring you problems, this can make everyone think that you are a person too superficial, and quite the opposite, you will never judge anyone by their appearance, but one thing does not take away from the other, you love everything that has to do with the world of beauty because you love taking care of your appearance.

Libra, you love the good things in life, and the world of beauty is one of them, you don’t understand how there can be people who don’t like this world if what it does is help you feel better about yourself, although it is true, that this can bring you problems because it is a world of money, you can get frustrated because your income does not give you to be able to buy you little things to take care of yourself, but calm Libra because although others do not believe it, you can live without these things.


Libra, try to become less obsessed with this world and maybe, discover another one that brings you more positive things or even that you love even more than this.


Scorpio, your biggest obstacle is that you internalize all the anxieties, stress and realities of the world too much. This can make you go through quite unpleasant moments, you should start thinking more about the things that happen to you if you do not solve your problems you can never help others.

You have a great understanding towards the whole universe, you feel that fragility it has, but Scorpio, you are human and you can never solve all the problems of the world, you will do everything in your hand, but sometimes it is impossible, so you should learn to carry these things in another way because, in the end, all you do is take him home and suffer in silence.


Scorpio, you are a great fighter and in this life, there will be nothing I can with you, you think you have the solution for everything, but sometimes, there is no solution, things happen and they have to happen. Believe me, it will be good for you to take your blindfold off and start looking at the world differently, thinking first of yourself.


Sagittarius, the biggest obstacle you have in life is to act with maturity, you like to live life without limits, without thinking about what others will say, you like to live life in your own way and believe me that it is very good, but sometimes life presents situations in which you have to act with maturity, and that is precisely what it costs you, you are not a person of those who take things too seriously, you think that life must be taken to laugh because this is how you enjoy it.

All this happens to you because whatever the circumstance of life, you find some fun, you do not conceive of being sad and bitter, you think that all he will do is bring you bad things, do you prefer to be happy. This can bring you problems with friends and family, because Sagittarius, not everyone is like you, and they don’t have that facility that you have to cope with things, they may come to believe that they don’t give a shit about you.


Sagittarius, it is very good to live life to the fullest, but when you have to be serious you have to be, so you should learn this at some point in your life, hey the same is the moment.


If there is an obstacle for you, Capricorn, it is the excessive concern for what others may think about you, even if you do not believe it, internally your mind does not stop spinning, you can not stop thinking if what you are doing, others They are seeing it well or they are seeing it badly, and this brings you down the path of bitterness.

Although you are able to internalize all the feelings and concerns of others, you are not able to internalize your own, you seem one of the safest signs, but in reality, you are not, so you are always thinking about what they can think of you, because you are full of insecurities.


Capricorn, you should start to think that you only live once, stop thinking so much and act, act and live, that doing things without thinking about what others say is the healthiest way of life, often you try to please others because you need their approval, Capri, really, do you think you need it?


Aquarius, you usually think that for you there is no obstacle in life because you do what you really want, but precisely there comes that obstacle. You can’t stand following plans and sometimes there’s no choice but to follow them, especially if your goal is to end what you’ve set out to do, you can’t leave things halfway and let them go by themselves because if you don’t do them yourself, they will never come true.

You are a person who loves the change of air, so it is normal that from time to time you disappear and nobody knows anything about you, but it is not for nothing in particular, just sometimes, you want to be alone with yourself and With nature, many people do not understand how you can disappear like this without more but believe me that sometimes you do very well, especially when the situation is overcoming you, do it and leave, think about you.


Aquarius, you often feel the need to go your way, but in most cases, it will not be possible, life is full of circumstances that hold you back and you will have to learn to live with it.


Pisces, the biggest obstacle you have in life is to overcome your lack of emotional availability, I explain, you are one of the most emotional and especially vulnerable signs, but you often find yourself too distant with others. This is due in most cases to all the damage they have done to you, you do not find the moment when you can trust others again, so you are locked in yourself.


All this can bring you problems, because you may be missing many opportunities to meet people who really deserve it, people with whom you can live millions of experiences that you would never forget, believe me, Pisces, in this state, what you are doing It is wasting time.

Pisces, perhaps it is time to open up to others and stop being so afraid, it is not a matter of throwing yourself into the pool without thinking twice, but it is not normal to create a barrier that no one can cross.

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