Your Astro For The Lunar Eclipse In May

This Full Moon lunar eclipse in May 2022 is coming to bring us powerful revelations and deep emotional release. This eclipse is here to help us uproot any trauma or conflict that is hindering our spiritual growth. This Full Moon eclipse happens in Scorpio and can make all of us discover amazing things about ourselves that we were not aware of. If you want to know what your horoscope is for the lunar eclipse in May, you have to keep reading to find out:


Aries, this lunar eclipse asks you to dive right into your heart and navigate your emotions. Examine everything that weighs you down and torments you in order to free yourself once and for all. Examine your fears and your deepest secrets in order to move forward. When you face them and shelve them, you will feel a release that you have never felt before. Aries, it’s time to put all the mess aside so you can be you in all your splendor and achieve everything you set out to do. Take advantage of the energy, do not miss this opportunity.


Taurus, you’ve been quite scratched for a few days, you can’t find your place and you’re a bit lost, but everything has its explanation. This lunar eclipse is going to make you investigate inside yourself and thanks to this you are going to realize that something very fat is cooking inside you. You are changing, you are experiencing a very powerful personal growth and that is why you feel lost. It is time to put excuses aside and fight for what you have in mind. Of course, do not forget that you have a life, you cannot put it aside for a single thought.


Gemini, the way you work and organize your life is changing. This lunar eclipse wants you to eliminate all the toxic habits you have and focus deeply on creating routines that take you on the right path. Don’t ignore the signs or make any more excuses, it’s time to be yourself and leave everyone speechless. The energy of this eclipse is everything you needed to start anew and bring all the potential that you have inside to light. You are strong Gemini, never forget it.


Cancer, don’t worry if you have a creative block and don’t know where to go next. This full moon lunar eclipse is going to give you the energy you need to find the motivation you need to continue creating beautiful things. Everything that can happen in your life during this eclipse can be shocking, but do not be afraid. Let yourself go and don’t think too much, life is two days, you already know, so better live the moment and leave the dramas aside. You have to take advantage of this golden opportunity to come back stronger than ever.


Leo, take a deep breath and prepare to face everything that is to come. This full moon lunar eclipse is going to directly impact your personal life. It’s time to leave grudges behind and focus on all the positive things that are coming to you. It is true that you are saturated, but remember that every effort has its reward and you are having it. Try to work hard to find an emotional balance that allows you to be aware of reality, but at the same time allows you to continue dreaming because you deserve it.


Virgo, your heart is at a thousand an hour, you don’t understand why and that overwhelms you too much, but don’t stop it and let yourself be surprised for once in your life. This full moon lunar eclipse is going to let you discover everything your heart needs to be happy. It will give you the strength you need to eliminate all your fears and keep working hard to make all your dreams come true. Virgo, open your eyes and instead of keeping things repressed inside you, open your mind and free yourself to heal all the pain inside you.


Libra, it’s time to stop underestimating yourself. This full moon lunar eclipse is going to give you the opportunity to start embracing your self-esteem as you deserve. You will finally open your eyes and connect with your inner self like never before. Of course, take your time because this is not something of 5 minutes. Bring out all that magic you have inside you and make the most of it in the material world. Libra, you deserve all the good things in the world, don’t let anything or anyone make you believe otherwise.


Scorpio, this lunar eclipse is going to be a time of deep transformation and high emotional intensity, but there is no one better than you to handle all of this. Scorpio, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone because every time you’ve done it, it’s been great. Take advantage of the energy of this eclipse to leave everything bad behind and do everything you’ve always wanted to do because it’s a perfect time. Being reborn from your own ashes is your specialty, so don’t be afraid of anything and jump into the pool.


Sagittarius, there is no one who loves adventure and excitement more than you, but it is true that from time to time you miss a little tranquility. The thing is, this lunar eclipse is not going to bring you much peace of mind. Take advantage of the energy to jump to the biggest and let yourself go like never before. Nerves can make you tremble, but the risk is what life gives you, never forget it. Very profound changes are taking place inside you, so take the opportunity to do today what you may not be able to do tomorrow.


Capricorn, lately you feel somewhat empty because your routines are not giving you anything new and even if you are a person of customs, you also like changes from time to time. This full moon lunar eclipse is going to make you put aside your responsibilities to pay attention to your interior and get out of your comfort zone. You may be a little scared but trust your abilities. Trust your intelligence and your strength they are always the ones that save you from any inconvenience. Capri, life is two days, be yourself at all times.


Aquarius, this lunar eclipse can completely change your entire professional life. You do not plan it, but the energy that will run through your entire body will make you reflect on whether you are following the right path or not. This eclipse is going to make you open up completely and follow your intuition. Set yourself a goal and don’t lose sight of it. Trust in the changes that are going to take place in your life because they are the ones that are going to give you back your illusion. You deserve all the good things in the world. Never forget it.


Pisces, this full moon lunar eclipse is going to awaken you to a new spiritual and philosophical level. It’s time to review your whole way of thinking and adopt a new thought. It’s time to evolve and take a big step. Do not be afraid, be strong and face everything that comes to you. All this can be very destabilizing for you, but trust yourself and everything that life has prepared for you. This eclipse is not bad at all, although it is true that you are going to be like a goat. Be authentic and don’t hold back your feelings.


Your Astro For The Lunar Eclipse In May

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