The lonely nights that you feared so much will be the nights when you can’t wait to get home because you know someone special is waiting for you. You will not have to spend another night in your bad thoughts or your strong emotions. You will not spend another night wondering what is wrong or when this dark period will end. Your nights will be full of stars, warmth and love.

The mornings you spent sipping coffee by yourself, looking out the window wishing you had someone you could love, will be mornings when you pour coffee for two. No more filtering your face or your words. You will not have to hide the parts of yourself that you are ashamed of because you will feel safe. You will feel accepted and loved. You feel there is nothing you can do wrong. You will no longer walk on eggshells, afraid of saying the wrong thing that could keep people away, because they will choose you every day and always choose to stay.

The prototype of people you would have loved would never have loved you the way you wanted to be loved, or who only loved you halfway or who made you feel that you did not feel wanted will remain a distant memory. It will be a joke to tell your friends how stupid you were because you thought it could work with any of them because you will finally understand why it does not work with any of them and you will understand why you had to wait to find the right person. You had to wait for someone who did not make you doubt or fill your head with paranoia or your heart with pain.

The years spent asking me if the love you wanted existed or if you would discover that it will end eventually because you will finally have your answer. Finally, you will realize your dream. Finally, you will come to the part of the story in which everything improves and where love revolves around you. From now on, you will plan every year, do whatever you want to do when you have no one and live each of your fantasies.


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