In love, engaged, married: Australian researchers have now found out which wedding days are more likely to cause a marriage to fail

Getting married on July 7th? Maybe you should reconsider

In addition to the search for the most beautiful location, the perfect wedding dress and the greatest band, wedding planning is also linked to the decision to find the most beautiful date (for you personally). But there is more to consider here than previously assumed. Because: Researchers at the University of Melbourne in Australia have found exciting wedding anniversary results.

Please not on Valentine’s Day

For the study, the marriage and divorce register in the Netherlands was examined for 14 years . The result: “Special” days, such as Valentine’s Day or schnapps number dates , contribute to a short marriage happiness. The researchers found that these couples had a divorce rate five times higher than those who said “yes” to each other on other days.

According to the study, couples who dared to use dates such as 11/11/2011 or 10/11/2012 have a 30 percent divorce rate. The numbers for Valentine’s Day marriages are even more extreme : According to the statistics, 41 percent divorced.

If the Dutch figures can also be transferred to Germany, we’d rather opt for the 8.5. or the 13.7. – and use Valentine’s Day better as an opportunity to have a nice dinner with your partner, right?


You shouldn't get married on these days

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