Let’s toast a fabulous love year in 2021 – but without these three types of men, please

Attractive and irresistible

Has 2020 also brought you some love errors and confusion? How good that it is now coming to an end. Because the beginning of the year is the perfect opportunity to leave all men who are no longer doing you good in the old year. So it’s best to get into yourselves before New Year’s Eve, take a look at your WhatsApp messages – and make sure to sort out all types that belong to these 3 categories:

Men who don’t commit

How to recognize him: by the ping of his dating app on his mobile phone

He would like to … but somehow he just can’t keep his hands off other women. Be it by text message, for a coffee (but only now and then!) Or in the form of constant contact with the ex, who is still haunted in his head. Unfortunately, with all the female supporting actresses in his life, it just doesn’t cross your lips that the two of you are a couple! You know what? Just leave him and his ladies behind in 2020 – and look for someone to play the lead role in 2021!

Men who love themselves (too much)

How you can recognize him: Each of his sentences begins with “I”.

A little self-love has never hurt anyone, and knowing your own qualities actually makes you classy. But while women like to put their light under a bushel, there is one type of man who goes into raptures when he talks about himself. It’s unbelievable what he has achieved professionally in 2020. It’s great how popular he is with friends. And anyway, you can count yourself lucky if he takes time for you. How good that he no longer has to do that in 2021: Then you have already turned your back on him and are looking for a person who not only loves himself but above all you.

Men who are always looking for something better

How you can recognize him: He’s the one who turns his back on you as soon as another great woman walks by

Actually, the two of you are having a great time: you get on well, your groups of friends match perfectly, and when you’re together, you always have a lot of fun. But somehow you can’t get rid of the feeling that he’s constantly on the go. As soon as there is a conflict, he withdraws and he is cautious about future plans anyway. After all, there might be a woman out there who gives him even more freedom, looks just perfect, and can endure his moods, both large and small, in silence. Well, let him keep looking! In any case, you will be heading into the new year without him!


You should leave these 3 types of men in the old year

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