If a man does not know what he wants, it can be quite frustrating for a woman. That’s why I have an important piece of advice for you here, if you feel that he is not sure. 

“I just do not know what I want right now.”

You may have heard this phrase from a man before. Or you even said it yourself. But what exactly is meant by that?

Are you not good enough for him? Or maybe he even wants to part with you? These thoughts flash right through your head when the partner confesses that he is no longer safe. 


Men often use this strategy to continue sleeping with the woman without having to tie up with her. This sentence is therefore only an excuse, not to completely put an end. 

Most women do not know that a man who is insecure actually only plays with the woman. Because in reality he is lost, is afraid and is dishonest to himself. And very often he is not aware of it.

He does not face his feelings and lies to himself. He is on the one hand afraid of losing you, if he is honest. On the other hand, he is not completely in love. 

But what you should not do in any case in this situation is to convince him to be with you. He is not 100% sure of himself. That means, even if it works out, it will never create a solid partnership in which you both can be happy.

So you stand together in front of the crossroads and he has no plan what he wants. It means for you, it’s time to go on alone. Even if you are very sad about it.

You should now meet other guys, live your life without him, and most of all, do whatever you enjoy. 


Then there are two options that can occur:

  1. He realizes what he’s missing and wants to try to win you back.
  2. You realize that you did not want him at all.

In most cases, women realize that they did not really want this man. Because they are much better off without him. But sometimes it can happen that they actually lose him forever and do not want to.

Because of this, most women are afraid to take that step at all. Ultimately, this is the only way to “win back” at all. Because the more pressure you build, the more it moves away from you.

Many women argue that they are completely different. They think they can help sort and express their feelings. Sorry, but that will not work.

You can not believe that you have to play his therapist or his mother. That’s not your job. Besides, you will never be able to help him. Your job in your relationship is instead to share your happy and healthy self with your partner.

But if he does not know what he wants and is not ready for a relationship, then you should move away from him as soon as possible. He’s in a situation where he does not realize how great you two could be together. And it’s not your job to convince him.

Instead, get to know yourself and realize what you expect from your life and from a relationship.

Only in this way can you see real compatibility when you meet a new person. Then you know when to retire, because you have different ideas.

Or would you rather be with a man who lies to himself and is never honest with you? One who abandons you when it matters because he is not sure anymore?

This man, who does not know what he wants, will waste your time. You can be sure of that! You should not interpret your life after him, but write your own life story.

The best thing you can do right now is to give it space and continue with your own life. You should not try to be there for him. Give him time to miss you instead. Men are often slower than women in terms of processing feelings. They will only realize that when they really miss their wife and not when they put pressure on her.

I know that this step is not easy. It will be very painful. But you should raise the necessary self-esteem and withdraw from this situation. You owe it to yourself!

Live your life without a guy who tells you that he does not know what he wants. That’s not your problem! You can be happy without him!

As soon as he realizes that he can not be without you, he will come back to you. Then you have to decide for yourself if you still give it a place in your heart or not.

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