After the reconciliation is before the separation: The eternal back and forth in an on-off relationship not only costs nerves, but also has an impact on mental health.

Not only serial characters like Ross and Rachel from “Friends” or Carrie and Mr. Big from “Sex and the City” have on-off relationships, and in real life many may have experienced it before. But the constant back and forth of separation and reconciliation , which is typical of an on-off relationship, harms long-term mental health , according to a study .

Possible health consequences of an on-off relationship

For those who published Kale Monk, Brian and Ramona Oswald in the scientific journal “Family Relations”, the researchers analyzed data from 545 people who were in a relationship.

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The result: Couples living in an on-off relationship are more likely to suffer from mental health problems such as depression or anxiety . With the number of separations and reconciliations, the risk of developing such mental health problems has increased.

When should I end the relationship?

According to Kale Monk, a breakup does not necessarily have to be a bad omen for a relationship. As the author of the study writes on the website of the University of Missouri, a breakup could even mean a chance for the relationship. On the contrary, the vicious circle is damaging if couples constantly break up and come together again. “In fact, separation can help some couples recognize the meaning of their relationship (…). On the other hand, the relationship pattern of permanent divisions and reconciliations can have a negative impact, “says Monk.

If you want to use the second chance after separation, analyze the relationship with your partner. To create problems in the world, a couple therapy can help.

If the relationship can not be stabilized, a final separation, according to Monk, but sometimes the better way.

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