You should avoid this zodiac sign at all costs because it is poison for your life.

We just don’t get along with some zodiac signs as well as others. Here you can find out which zodiac sign you should avoid, especially if you want to enter into a relationship with this zodiac sign:

Capricorn: avoid the Libra

Although on many levels the need for balance, for which Libra is best known, seems ideal for Capricorn, it won’t be long before both realize that there are many areas of life where they don’t quite work together. One day Capricorns will realize that they need to find someone who will take their future as seriously as they do.

Aquarius: Avoid Taurus

The carefree, free spirit of Aquarius needs a life of independence and excitement. However, Taurus prefers to keep his partners close in order to lead a solid and stable life. That stability may be attractive at first, but it won’t be long before Aquarius feels choked and restricted, and is desperate for freedom or space in their relationship. This forces the Taurus to tighten their grip and feel like they are losing control. At some point, Aquarius will have enough to part and move away.

Pisces: avoid the Gemini

There is no one who believes in the idea of ​​ideal romance more than Pisces. He has long established his idea of ​​the perfect relationship and is now looking for it as an adult. Loving and fun twins may seem right for this at first glance, but the Pisces should take into account that every twin has two sides. When they first show their other half, fish turn off immediately and aren’t sure what they’re dealing with. This is often made worse by a lack of communication.

Aries: Avoid the Leo

You both have incredibly powerful and dominant personalities. You may be addicted to the excitement and energy that initially comes from the relation. However, this energy is incredibly volatile and it won’t be long before it explodes. This duo will argue every day. In the end, they will part with broken hearts.

Taurus: Avoid the lion

Taurus is loyal to his partner and will show him a lot of affection, which from the beginning will fuel the incredible ego of a Leo. It will work well for a short time until Leo begins to feel the possessive, tenacious, and ingrained influences of the Taurus. Taurus will be blind to the fact that there is a problem, while Leo will feel choked, trapped, and bored.

Gemini: Avoid the Scorpio

Gemini is any group’s social butterflies, jumping from person to person and flirting with anyone who looks their way. Although the passionate and mysterious energy of a Scorpio caught their attention from the start, they should be warned. Although the Gemini may try to play by their partner’s rules, they will feel suffocated and will likely start cheating.

Cancer: Avoid Aries

The incredibly sensitive nature of cancer is fueled by open communication that shares how it is feeling. It is the opposite of the way Aries works, as it buries its emotions and keeps its character independent and strong. Aries will not know how to deal with the situation, and Cancer will feel alone and misunderstood.

Leo: Avoid Aquarius

At first glance, this association actually seems to work very well. Leo will be happy to act as a powerful figurehead while their knowledgeable Aquarius partner whispers in their ear and gives them the advice they need to be successful. When Leo is in the spotlight, Aquarius will start to get angry about everything they do. 

Virgo: Avoid the Capricorn

Virgo and Capricorn live their lives based on reason and logic instead of letting their hearts guide the way. This will foster a deep understanding between the two who may be comfortable, but the lack of emotion will mean that their partnership is devoid of romance and passion.

Libra: avoid cancer

Cancer is just the opposite of dynamic. It’s emotional, over the top, and unpredictable. As the Cancer opens up to its partner, the scales will immediately leap to try to correct the situation. This makes Cancer feel guilty and suddenly become silent. The interruption of a communication violates the basic rules of relations with Libra, forcing them to end the relationship without further discussion.

Scorpio: avoid the Pisces

Intense, passionate, and more than many can handle, Scorpio may be drawn to the easy and joyous paths of Pisces, but over time, the fundamental differences between the two will make a connection on a deeper level impossible. The Pisces will feel like the Scorpio is still pulling them down, while the unpredictable nature of the Pisces will make the Scorpio believe that they have a secret life behind their back.

Sagittarius: Avoid Virgo

This relationship will be a fun challenge for Sagittarius, to begin with, and will help Virgo give up their super analytical methods and loosen up a little. However, over time, it will be frustrating to keep realigning the partner’s thought process. The relationship will slowly die out until one or both parties leave.



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