You Saw That The Signs Exploded But Not All That They Hold

You Saw That The Signs Exploded But Not All That They Hold

No one apologized to you for doing things that hurt you, but they did point the finger at you for the way you reacted. We have all experienced hard times when life weighs too much and getting out of bed becomes a challenge. However, there are times when you feel annoyed more than exhausted and that’s when you show your temper. Empathy is what we need, putting ourselves in the shoes of others before judging because that person you meet every morning is dealing with a war that they don’t tell anyone. You saw that the signs exploded, but not all that they endured. Maybe after reading this you will understand.


People know that you are a determined being, that when you consider something you focus night and day until you achieve it. However, there are times when tears visit you without warning, they become the best friends of your insomnia and that’s when you face your fears. Yes, those that you don’t tell anyone about and that makes you feel frustrated as if everything you’ve advanced doesn’t have the slightest value. It is no coincidence that your bad mood appears, it is all that pain that you have accumulated, it has already turned into anger. It hurts to feel alone, not being able to turn to someone to tell them that from time to time all you want is a hug. You are very exhausted, from fake people, envy, and betrayal. That’s why you already decided that it was enough and now they are going to know your other version.


They say that you are stubborn, but that you always have everything under control. People tend to admire you because you appear so calm, although inside you are struggling with a lot of insecurities that take over your thoughts. What hurts you the most is not being able to say that you only need love and understanding. It is very disappointing to realize that they do not value half of what you give to others. You endured, you shut up and that made you sick to such a degree that there was a moment when you no longer trusted yourself. They broke you so much that one day in the hole of your sadness you looked up and promised yourself that no one would do the same to you again. You don’t care that now they say you’re cruel and explosive because all those who talk have no idea of ​​everything you had to endure in the past.


Whoever judges your path is someone who does not deserve your attention. Gemini, that does not mean that you are not very tolerant, it is just that there is no need to listen to comments and criticisms that you did not ask anyone for. There are people who just want to hurt, they are not comfortable if they see you happy and you know that your light personality makes things easier for them, because you rarely treat someone badly. You like to focus on your emotions, do what your heart dictates, and not get hooked on the bad energy of others. However, you have an introverted side, where you hide secrets that hurt you because you didn’t want to cause trouble. You were the one who kept silent when they minimized your projects, criticized your progress, and mocked your victories. They shook you up so much that you inevitably exploded and now they have the nerve to ask what’s wrong with you. Those people don’t deserve a seat in your life.


I wish people had a little sensitivity when they meet your heart, but no, most come and use it as if it were an old cloth. It is not fair that you are always the one who surrenders from the depths and the rest barely share their superficial side with you. Having a heart like yours is very hard because it tends to attract emotional piranhas and when you least expect them they absorb your essence. It feels ugly to realize that the lion is not as they paint it and that the person you had on a pedestal turned out to be the most disloyal. You already suffered for love, for saying goodbye to a friendship, for enduring the bad vibes of a family member. But that Cancer was left behind, all those cracks made you stronger they say that you are rude, but I would say that you are selective and that now if they want to enter your life they will have to earn it. 


Imagine for a moment that kindness, respect, and care are our best presentation, definitely, the world would be different. However, you have had to learn the hard way that life is not rosy and that no matter how sweet you behave, people can pull out their nails from one moment to another. For you, it is as if they came from behind with the intention of hurting you, they do not even have the courage to show their true personality from the beginning. You already cried for the wrong people, you thought they were going to change and you understood that second chances are much more sacred, not everyone deserves them. That is why mistrust now guides you, it is not that you no longer believe in affective relationships, it is just that you prefer to count them on the fingers of one hand than surround yourself with hypocrisy.


The irony of life is when the person who hurt you so much asks why you changed. The truth is that you are not going to thank anyone, you are not going to give thanks for the times when they made you feel less when they yelled at you for no reason or broke your hopes. It’s okay that those kinds of people have gotten out of your way, but nothing more, you’re not going to put them on an altar. Now, you are much more aware of what you deserve, of the many times you did something when you really didn’t want to. You put up with it a lot, but you kept your cool. You are an expert in pretending that you have nothing and people believe you, but not anymore. you are the Virgo that you don’t intend to stay in a place where you feel incomplete. If they don’t value your company and don’t show you their appreciation with actions, it’s better for them to leave.


In your journey, you have learned many valuable things, but the one that has left the most mark on you is discovering that only those who try to put themselves in the shoes of the one next to them are capable of changing the world. A world in which the ego is not the one that governs, where love and harmony are essential. There came a point where you gave everything, you even left yourself in the last place of your priorities in order to help the one you love. However, with their answers, you realized that it is not healthy to give and give while they squeeze every last drop out of you. Libra, they saw you explode, but they don’t know how much you endured. They were nights when you felt little and nobody did anything. Your sadness went unnoticed and that’s when you understood that there are people who don’t even deserve your greeting. You no longer plan to fight with anyone, it is better to let go and not wear yourself out for someone who steals your peace of mind.


Appreciation is shown day by day, it is useless to be surrounded by a lot of people who only say nice things to you on important dates or when it is time to upload the photo to social networks. It’s annoying because they build a bond full of lies, something superficial that more than making you happy leaves you with a huge void. That’s when you feel like you can’t take it anymore, you get overwhelmed and all you want is to run away. The problem is that your emotional side knocks you down, makes you believe that you are not capable of overcoming such a situation and you feel like the most terrible being in this world. That is dangerous because you blind yourself, you do not realize that you are losing yourself for someone who is not worth it. Fortunately, you have already learned your lesson and now you focus on yourself, if they call you explosive, let them do it because as long as it’s about defending your convictions, anything goes. 


Although it sounds ugly, it is very rare to find someone who is really willing to give everything for you, who cares about your goals, and who has no problem spending time by your side. Come on, it is not that there is something wrong with you, do not even think about it, it is just that there are people who do not deserve your time or love because they are not prepared for something so genuine. When you put someone on the list of your most important people, you make an effort to please them, but by not corresponding in the same way, you understand that it is best to set limits. They say you don’t commit, but few knew the time you gave yourself with your eyes closed and didn’t value it. You are not one to fight, you just walk away to disconnect and rest. To be able to find someone who does deserve your efforts.


Sometimes, bad streaks become a blessing, because they teach you to value yourself before the rest, it’s not selfish, but you also deserve all those beautiful things that you wish for others. It is good that you give yourself the opportunity to cry, to let go of things that no longer have a solution, and stop reproaching yourself for everything you do. It’s okay for you to make your decisions thinking about yourself and nothing else. You have put up with a lot in the past, nonsense that made you feel lousy and that you kept quiet so that others would believe that nothing had gotten out of hand. They say that now you exploded, that you don’t tolerate anything, and that you care more about your dreams than any love. And the truth is that yes because you understood that as long as you are well, the people you deserve will arrive, not those who only want to take advantage.


Loving is not a couple that walks around holding hands, it is much more than that. Nor is friendship summed up in the years they have known each other. We have minimized what it is to really give ourselves and settle for crumbs. You know it very well because in the ghosts of your past life you were an Aquarius who lowered your head so as not to hurt others, you did not say anything when they broke you and abused your kindness. In those times your independence was on the ground and you got used to walking through life without a smile. You blamed yourself for everything over and over again. That’s why you got fed up and exploded because every day something made you bitter and you decided that you didn’t want to look so sad in front of the mirror. It helped you get away from everything for a while, get out of that vicious circle and be able to analyze thoroughly, that not everyone who said they loved you was sincere.


How difficult it is to accept that the more you give, the more they pay you with the whip of their indifference. Definitely, life has given you very big tests, in which you thought that you had a secure relationship with someone, but it was not so. You had to wipe your tears and understand that it is not your responsibility to save anyone, nor is it your responsibility to change someone who does not want to, if you hold on you will end up on the path of sorrow. Life is not about pleasing everyone Pisces, that’s only going to wear you down sooner or later. Do not let them break you to pieces, because the one who shows disinterest is telling you everything, you can no longer justify his mistreatment. Now your dreams come first, charge your battery and look at the world as you’ve always wanted. Stop carrying sorrows that are not yours, please.


You Saw That The Signs Exploded But Not All That They Hold

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