You lost me with every message you didn’t write back to me. Every call you refused because it was inappropriate for you to speak to me at that time. With the lack of love that you gave me that I accepted because I thought you would change – that my great love would change you. But, unfortunately, she never did …

You lost me a little bit more with every cancelled plan we had because it was always more fun and exciting for you to go out with the boys and stay out late into the night and turn on any girl that was close to you came. You lost me with your short and confused answers to my questions.

With your hands that took my hands off your body every time I wanted to hug you. You lost me a little more each time you had to go “suddenly” because you were supposed to be in a hurry and actually had nothing better to do.

You just didn’t see that I loved you more than myself and, to be honest, that’s also the thing that I regret the most – that I am the one who doesn’t deserve even the smallest piece of mine I gave love. Someone who couldn’t be thankful to have me around.

You didn’t enjoy the fact that I’m so honest with you. You wanted me to stop giving you all my love and affection, to stop talking about my feelings because sometimes they choked you. You didn’t know what true love looked like, so you couldn’t fully accept my big love. You just couldn’t reply …

And so you lost me more day by day, piece by piece, without even realizing it. With your stupid and meaningless questions, with zero effort to make me really happy and with your decision to put other people above me – you’ve lost me. Because I … I was just an option for you, nothing else!

You lost me when I went to bed alone every night wondering why you don’t love me as much as I do and why I’m not enough for you. But, you know what? I was more than enough for you. The problem was with you. You were the man who didn’t know what true love was and how to behave in a healthy relationship.

You didn’t understand that you can’t do things that hurt me by asking me not to do them to you. You had your own twisted version of relationships and love and this was not good for me at all.

Still, I’ve completely lost myself in your toxic love. In the constant attempt to please you, I forgot that I also have a heart – a heart that longs for security and love. A love that you could never give me

And that’s why my dear, one day when you least expect it, I’ll just go. I will leave you without trying to hold onto something that is no longer there. It will be difficult for me, I know it. But that will be the best decision of my life.

I will walk away from you and no longer hold on to something that is no longer there.

And if you notice that something is missing in your life, you will remember me. You will miss the woman who is lying in your bed and wants to talk to you – the same one that you refused so many times when you told her that you were too tired and just wanted to sleep.

You will miss me if I do not answer your messages for hours or days. You’ll miss me if I don’t call back And slowly, you will notice that you miss me more than you actually thought. But it will be too late, too late for and and our relationship.

When you recognize my worth, I will be so far away and start a new chapter in my life.

And when that day comes, you will see that you have not only lost your best friend, lover and soul mate, but also the chance to live a wonderful life with me. You missed the chance to call me your wife while I hold our baby in my arms. You have lost the chance of so many beautiful memories and a lifelike in a fairy tale.

You lost my love – a love so strong that it could make the world go round. And that kind of love will never happen to you again, you will never experience it again. I know that you will try to find me in every woman you meet, but you will never be able to find a woman like me no matter where you look. Part of the puzzle will always be missing, the part that will drive you crazy because you were so close and yet so far away from your perfect partner. And this feeling will eat you alive.

You will think of me and deal with the question of whether there is someone who makes my bed warm at night. You won’t be able to bear the thought of another man touching my hair, hugging me, kissing me and telling me how beautiful I am. You will pray and hope that does not happen. You’ll want me to come around the corner and hug you as only I know.

But, it’s too late for that now, my dear. You lost me the day you didn’t choose me.

And I’m blaming you for it. I guess what we had was not the right thing. Because the truth is that nothing that is real can be threatened.


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