You let him treat you like that, and it’s up to you to stop it.

Many of us were with men who just didn’t know how to behave in relationships. Maybe they made us wait a long time for their response to the message or didn’t know how to show their love. We made a lot of mistakes thinking that this was a normal relationship. We thought we had to stay and fight for something to work out.

After many years, I realized that what I called love was not love. This is not loving if he plays with my feelings and then leaves, then returns to my life.

It’s not loving if he takes me for granted and says what hurts me. Could this be love?

I shouldn’t beg him for attention on the pretext that the relationship takes effort. This is not a relationship fight. It’s the pain of fighting a man who treats me badly and doesn’t try to change.

It was a game that hurt me all the time. When I realized that he understood all this too, I made a decision. I wasn’t going to be his toy anymore.

I decided to be a woman with feelings and emotions, a woman who stands up for herself, even when no one is around.

I went through this because I know:

A man treats you badly just because you let him.

And therefore, only you can stop it.

When you stand up for yourself, he will no longer be able to wipe his feet on you. He will not be able to treat you the way you do not deserve, because he will understand that you are no longer going to take it.

You must always demand the best for yourself. And if a man cannot give it to you, leave him. You create your own happiness. If you let him see your weakness, he will understand that he can manipulate you.

But when you say that it is enough for you, he will have to stop his bad behavior. He will see a strong woman rise from the ashes and no longer allow her to be used. He will see the confidence and be afraid to continue playing with you.

When he realizes that you finally understand what you deserve, there is nothing more he can do to you.

You will show that you want true love and open the door for him to leave because he does not know what true love is.

He tested your boundaries, but it’s time to stop that. If you don’t take this step and take matters into your own hands, then who?

Do you think he will stop when he sees that you are broken? Of course not. He feeds on your pain – that’s what toxic men do. They look for a victim and play with it. But they do it as long as you allow it.

Learn to love yourself more in order to recognize this attitude. Be brave to stand up for yourself. Let him see the power in your eyes that he no longer controls you.

Maybe you seemed weak to him, but inside you, there is a strength that he must-see. Otherwise, he will continue to behave badly with you.

Don’t let any man do this. You were made for love, not bullying.


You let him treat you like that and it's up to you to stop it


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