You have to keep your distance from these people in 2020. Based on your zodiac sign.


Stay away from people who want to tame you. You are full of energy and light. You don’t have to surround yourself with someone trying to tell you that you are too much or that you have to be a little less than the brave, beautiful and powerful being that you are …


Stay away from people who are not loyal. You have a hard-to-conquer heart when it comes to dropping you are patient and take a lot of time because you want to make sure their intentions are clear.

You don’t have to deal with someone who doesn’t take you seriously and doesn’t give you the time to be sure about your feelings. Stay away from people who are in a hurry and jump from one relationship to the next …


Stay away from people who don’t stimulate your senses. You are curious, always want to learn and discover new things. You should keep your distance from anyone who tries to stifle your curious nature with secrets that he does not share with you, who bores you and does not inspire you to be your best self.

Life is too short to be with someone who is not interested in discovering who you really are …


Stay away from people who don’t understand the depth of your heart. Relationships are of the utmost importance to you and when it comes to people you love, you are someone who sticks to them for a long time.

Keep your distance from people who see your love as too “clingy” or your kind as “oversensitive” because you are anything but that, you are a watermark and they love that way. Surround yourself with people who appreciate you and know that you love with everything you have …


Stay away from people trying to silence you. It is in your lion nature to be brave, to take responsibility and to be proud – these are things that suit you and that you do not want to change.

Keep your distance from people this year who make you feel like you are not a good person, simply because you are self-confident and above all more self-confident than those who try to keep you small. Stay as you are, because self-love is nothing to be ashamed of my little lion …


Stay away from people who are constantly trying to change you. You are by nature someone who feels comfortable alone. You have no problem being your biggest fan, making your own decisions and spending a lot of time with yourself.

Keep away from everyone in 2020 who doesn’t respect this side of your personality and who is constantly trying to shape you into something that suits your own needs. You are you and you don’t have to apologize for it.


Stay away from people who put their needs before yours. You are naturally a person who sacrifices yourself for others. You put others first because it is important to you that they are well, you have always been so that you wanted to please everyone, only you have always neglected yourself my little Libra. But please keep away from everyone in this coming year, who only want to benefit from your kindness and helpfulness.


Stay away from people who see your emotional side as something bad. You are a watermark, it is in your nature to carry an emotional world of thoughts in your head with you and to love deeply and your heart is in the right place.

Remove everyone from your life this year who doesn’t accept this emotional side of you. There’s nothing wrong with being empathic, don’t let a heartless society tell you that having a heart is bad …


Stay away from the one who forces you to follow his rules. You are an adventurer. Your personality unfolds with the freedom you are given.

When it comes to relationships, you need someone who encourages you to be yourself and who grows and grows with you. Stay away from people this year who are forcing you to be someone you are not.


Stay away from people who only think until tomorrow. There is a difference between “living in the moment” and ignoring everything that happens in the future. You are someone who doesn’t care what happens to your future.

You are ready, smart and motivated. Stay away from anyone who wants you today but never really plans a future with you. Stay away from people who see a relationship as a “pastime” because you are a “forever” person.


Keep away from people who rob you of your energy. You give, give and give. You have a generous heart and always a helping hand. Be proud of your heart this year and move away from relationships and people who ONLY want to take away from you.


Stay away from people who see you as a “drama”. You are a thinker You take everything you experience to heart and yes, sometimes you can be a little too emotional or sensitive – but these are good qualities and more important than ever in a bitter world like this. Distance yourself this year from everyone who treats you as if you have to apologize for the emotional person you are. You have a big heart, a deep mind and a soul that feels everything, don’t be ashamed of it my good fish.


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