I’ve noticed a pattern in the modern dating world. The same situation over and over again.

You meet someone, you lower your expectations. Things seem to be moving forward, going well. You stay vigilant because you’ve been through this before. And just before it started, it’s over.

It starts with texting, Snapchatting, hanging out with, having fun, until it becomes less and less. You can feel it in your heart. You see it coming You know what’s going to happen. But it still hurts. But it’s a pattern. It happened once and it will happen again. Welcome to the partner search 2020.

The truth is, you already know the signs. And you prepare for them. But it still hurts. Sometimes they come back. Mostly. But do you really want someone who doesn’t know what they want?

You don’t deserve someone who changes their mind, you deserve someone who is constant.

You don’t need someone who is always looking for the best option. You don’t need someone unwilling to settle down. It’s okay to play cool and have fun, but you don’t need games. Unless that’s what you want, but trust me, you don’t.

So forget about the person who dumped you. The one who’s trying to get back into your life. If it started like this, it’s unlikely to change for the better. you deserve better You deserve someone who doesn’t act like a kid.

You deserve someone who invests time. Someone who wants to see you. Who not only writes you but also CALLS you. More importantly, someone who makes plans and then keeps them. Someone who really cares. Because who has time for games?

You really deserve someone. And maybe you’ve given up hope. But don’t give up. That someone is really going to come and you will be grateful for everything you went through to get there.


You don't deserve someone who keeps changing their minds, you deserve someone constant

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