We all feel exhausted at times – and at the moment probably more often and more together than usual. The corona crisis seems to be affecting a lot of people right now. Although the vaccinations are picking up speed and the end is indeed in sight, pandemic fatigue prevails and we feel powerless, drained, broken. And sensitive. Some people notice their exhaustion immediately, others at the second glance at the earliest. When it comes to the following zodiac signs, it is not usually noticeable when they are exhausted. To most people they seem like inexhaustible bundles of energy.


Capricorns usually hide their exhaustion – or they simply power through them. The earth sign does not allow itself to sag, because it literally torments the Capricorn when others have to support him or jump in for him. It’s a shame, after all, after all, most people like to help and it is easier for them to ask for help themselves and admit that they are knocked out when others do the same. In particular, characters as inexhaustible as the Capricorn. 


Aries never show their exhaustion. Do you ever run out of energy? Difficult to say, the fire sign would have to answer that itself. Or maybe it just doesn’t admit to being done? A little mystery, this ram, but definitely one that you experience as good as broken.


Even if he thinks his exhaustion is written on his face: To others, the Taurus always looks confident, steadfast and as if he still had a lot of reserves. This can put the earth sign under a lot of pressure at times – because it forces it to actively sound the alarm when it can no longer and to ask for help. And that is anything but easy for many bulls.


No matter how all twins are – they always remain quick-witted, funny, charming and positive. This belies most people about their true state. The air sign looks fresh and bubbly, although it feels drained and exhausted. Usually it does not intend to do so. It’s just his nature.

May 6th: These zodiac signs find it easy to be happy for others

It is quite normal that we sometimes envy other people when they have something and we don’t. Or let’s say: human. Envy is an uncomfortable but unavoidable feeling that shows us what is important to us and what we want. When things go stupid, our envy torments us like a wart on our feet that we can’t get rid of, when things go well, it occurs as an impulse-like, short-term emotion that we can overcome quickly. When the following zodiac signs feel envious, things usually go well – and so it is usually particularly easy for them to be happy for others.


Pisces can be just as happy for (certain) other people as they are for themselves – or even more happy. The watermark is not only empathic (able to empathize with others) but also extremely compassionate. Pisces rarely feel envy, and when they do, it usually disappears extremely quickly.


Geminis are typically relatively humble and at peace with themselves. That is why they almost never envy other people and are therefore all the more happy about their happiness, success and whatever else is good. The smart air sign also understood that long-lasting envy, in particular, is not of any use or good for anyone. So why hold on to it?


Anyway, Libra tend to put the well-being of others above their own. That is why it is usually not particularly difficult for the air sign to be happy for those around them. In addition, most Libra have a positive and grateful attitude and know to be satisfied with what they have in life. Therefore, they are less prone to envy than many others.


Sagittarians generally take every opportunity to be happy. And if it’s someone else’s luck – with pleasure! Of course, the fire sign sometimes feels impulses of envy, but as a rule it can let go of them again very quickly and focus on what it values ​​about its life. 

May 4th: These zodiac signs confuse letting go with giving up

Giving up has a pretty bad reputation in our society. Anyone who fights and bites through is admired, who gives up is considered a loser – and therefore feels like one. Whether that is justified and really has to be that way is an open question. But in any case, letting go never has anything to do with “loose”, but is usually sensible and strong. Unfortunately, the following zodiac signs often have difficulty recognizing this – because they confuse letting go with giving up …


Taurus typically find it particularly difficult to change their minds or adjust their values. They believe that by doing so they are giving up their point of view and their security and admitting that they were wrong – and that what they had was not good enough. That’s why the earth sign sometimes comes across as stubborn and almost defiant. It thinks that if it gives in, it gives up and has lost. But that is a big mistake. 


Cancers usually have difficulty letting emotions slip. You always have to fathom everything that is going on in you and others, if you don’t succeed, it torments you sometimes more than the original feeling itself. In relationships, too, it is incredibly difficult for the watermark to let go. Cancer would prefer not to admit that we can fall out of love with someone. In his opinion, when a partnership breaks up, those involved have given up and failed – not let go.


Swam over it and further in the text? An impossibility for the Scorpio. And a sign of weakness. The watermark wants every act avenged, every favor redeemed. In the interpersonal area, the Scorpio does not simply tick anything off. Even when he sets himself a goal, he usually holds on to it until he has achieved it. To Scorpio, not arriving means having failed and wasted time. Because “half measures” are not an option for him.


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