Do you want to know how stable and happy your relationship is? Then take this quick test

A quick test for every relationship 

You could do all sorts of surveys, ratings, and multiple-choice tests and still not learn as much about the quality of your relationship as you would from this lightning test. In English, it is called “The Brag Test”, which means something like “The Prahl Test” – and it is basically very simple.

How do you talk about your partner?

If you want to know how your relationship is doing, ask yourself the following: When I talk about my partner in front of other people (friends, work colleagues, family), what do I tell them? Do you often complain about your loved one, about his quirks, his wrongdoing, about arguments? Or do you praise his characteristics, his successes and achievements and his strengths?

What if there is too much criticism?

If you can answer the question with the latter option, then you have passed the lightning test. Their relationship is based on mutual respect and appreciation. Fortunately, if you’re more of a critic, that’s not a big problem (yet). It is your job to find out why you complain so often. Perhaps a basic dissatisfaction has crept into everyday life (possibly also because of other things), which you can get out of the way with a new and more positive perspective. However, if it is a deep-seated resentment and you run into unexplained problems, then it can be a ticking relationship time bomb.

In the middle of extremes

Incidentally, just nagging and praising is not ideal. Everyone has weaknesses and every partner has to be able to let off steam from time to time. Those who regard their loved ones as merely absolute perfection have no realistic picture of them and are not in an equal relationship.

Most couples fall between the two extremes. However, for a happy and lasting relationship, the ratio shouldn’t be 50:50. The tendency should clearly be on the positive side. Then you know you are in a happy relationship.


You can test your relationship with this lightning test

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