Writing does not mean that He wants to go out with you

You might think he likes you because he responds to all your lyrics. Because he does not make you wait for hours or even days for an answer. Because he tries to talk to you whenever you need him.

He may even write to you early in the morning, the minute he wakes up, making you think the relationship is more than just a friendship. It makes you think he likes you as much as you like him.

After all, it would be easy for him to ignore you. He does not have to send you messages to find out what your day was like. He does not have to send you any news about the crazy thing that happened at his job that day. He does not have to send you any messages at all. He has decided to write you a message. He writes you news because he wants that.


This is all true, but if he wanted a relationship with you, he would find the time to meet you in person. If he wanted to have a relationship with you, your relationship would not be completely over the phone.

Writing is a simple way to make it look as if you are interested. It’s a simple way to keep you invested with minimal effort.

All he has to do is send you a sweet message out of the blue and you instantly feel that he is interested in you. All he has to do is take a few clicks on a screen – and since you’re so used to people who bully you, you’re flattered that he’s actually paying attention.

Your expectations are so deep that you think that the fact that he answers your messages instead of ignoring you for three days makes him a gentleman. And that’s a dangerous way of thinking.


It’s nice of him to ask for your day and tell you about his. It’s great that you can talk to him. And you know what, he probably likes you too . He likes to talk to you. He likes to flirt with you. He likes to have you in his life. But that does not mean he wants more. That does not mean he wants to date you.

You should expect more than good morning texts and answers on the same day. You should find someone who shows up on your front steps and takes you on a real date. Someone who is there for you, personally, face to face.

You should have a real relationship. Not a kind of relationship that only consists of text and Snapchat.

If he sends you a text message every day, then he makes an effort. But if he has never tried to come home to you, if he always has an excuse why he can not visit you, if your plans are canceled again and again, then he does not like you enough. He does not give you enough.

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That’s why you should give it up. Because a little effort is not enough. Because you deserve so much more than a good morning message. You deserve someone who is really there.


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