Women Who Were Ready To Leave When They Finally Wanted Them

Sometimes, you give and you give, you do not know the end because you give yourself in the name of love. There are women who fall in love without looking back, they want to give their best. Because they are crazy about that person and they are looking at all costs for a way to steal a smile from him. However, it is hard to accept when you are not reciprocated, when many times you have to save all that pile of feelings because it terrifies you to know that the other is not going to value it. The good news is that this is not forever, you get tired of settling for something half-baked. It’s not that you want to leave, it’s that you no longer know how to be there. They are the women who when they finally loved them were ready to go. That love took so long that it no longer makes them happy.

1.- Aries 

Aries can love you with the last piece of his heart. She is the fiery woman, the one who hypnotizes you, who melts for you, and boy is she competitive, when she wants something she gets it. Maybe it’s his temper that keeps him from begging. It may give you the opportunity to make her your priority, not to make her feel abandoned, but when she does not see reciprocity she walks away. An unrequited Aries woman becomes the coldest person in this world, if you want space she will give you the greatest. What she wants is to move forward, not to depend on anyone emotionally, and while you decide if her love is worth it, she strives to embrace her self-esteem and dignity. That’s when you start to recover from the bad taste. Make no mistake, the fact that she is so passionate is not synonymous with the fact that she will cry for eternity, on the contrary, she will find a new meaning in life, where you will no longer fit in. What a shame, because when you realize what you lost, it will be too late. An Aries woman does not pick up her own scraps.

2.- Gemini 

If Geminis have to ask you, they don’t want it anymore. It is not that he does not have enough capacity to communicate assertively, it is just that there comes a time when he will not put his dignity at risk by begging for love. She is a woman who has two sides, the same ones that hide a range of emotions that few know. That is to say, today he may be melting with love for you, and tomorrow he already spent it, it is enough for him to decide. Call her cruel if you want, but she knows all the times they left her crying, the times she went out of her way to give a nice surprise and didn’t even get thanked. She knows she was there in the most difficult moments, so she stays with that. Gemini embraces his goodness and recognizes that not everyone is ready for his love, and decides to go his way. He is very intelligent, he is in control of his mind, and he knows how to block out thoughts that disturb it. He may fight the butterflies in his stomach at first, but he will let you go. The bad thing is that when you realize that she was an exceptional woman and that her love is compared to nothing, it will be too late. Sorry, next!

3.- Cancer 

Yes, Cancer is sensitive, she is intense, she is probably the woman who will love you the most in your life, but… she also has the crab on her side, the one that protects her emotions from any predator. She is the woman who generates confidence, who gives you her protection, she likes to become your friend before your lover. She is a woman who does not beat around the bush, enjoys serious relationships, and is not afraid of commitment. That is the reason why when it feels unrequited, it walks away. She wants to be sure that they are building something serious, where romance and firmness cannot be lacking. If you ask Cancer for time, forget it, he is not going to beg you, it is not because of ego, he knows what he is worth and when he does not feel loved he withdraws. She may cry inconsolably, but she will not give the other the satisfaction of seeing her cry. Once you remove Cancer from your life, the door closes, he likes to set limits. Unfortunately, when you realize how much you were worth, you will be a long way off smiling in a better place.

4.- Leo 

She is lively, extravagant, she is the woman who steals glances because her brilliance cannot be hidden. Leo has an impetuous side, but when he falls in love he can become the most beautiful charm that life can present to you. To begin with, she is a very faithful woman, she loves exclusivity and when someone occupies a place in her heart it is for a long time. Oftentimes, you may feel out of place because you don’t know any other way to love other than intensity. She is the one who fights until exhaustion to make things work but make no mistake, she will not beg you. If for some reason you want him to stay away for a while, you will have to be prepared to face the consequences, because that decision is irreversible. Leo realizes that his relationship does not give for more when it is like walking in a spiral that has no end. You may pause at first because you are analyzing the pros and cons of everything, but then you are going to say goodbye without taking a step back. She will not be in distress for her entire life, the way she deals with pain is very creative, always looking for something to do. It will hurt your soul, but you will appreciate it because you know that when the person misses you, it will be too late. I promise you it won’t come back.

5.- Libra 

Fortunately for Libra, you can be in the middle of the chaos and have no idea which way to go, but in the end, it always puts things in the balance. She is a woman who stays in places that fill her with harmony and peace. It is Venus who makes him honor love, to fall in love like the first time as if his heart had never been broken. She is the woman who misses you, who looks for you, who wants to see you happy no matter what else. But everything has a limit, especially when you do not feel loved. Little by little she is fading, she is the woman who may not tell you anything, but she is leaving, every day is an opportunity to stop loving you. Even before you ask him for time, he has already said goodbye to you. It is an air sign, so try to end everything on good terms, but that does not mean that you can return at the time you want. Libra wishes you the best, wholeheartedly, but doesn’t want you back. He loves her more and he is not going to allow someone for whom he cried until he fell asleep, return to his life as if nothing had happened.

6.- Scorpio 

Scorpio is the woman who carries transformation in her steps, she is the one who is always ready to live new experiences. Wow, that are many times that he has finished with a broken soul, but he keeps going. He is not afraid of falling in love, if someone is capable of awakening his desire to love he throws himself into the ring because in the end, he loses nothing. If the person does not reciprocate, it is she who is left without a sincere heart. When Scorpio is unrequited, he has no time for revenge, he is not going to cling to an insane love. She has water in her favor, so she can regenerate in a beautiful way, hug her wounds and smile again. What he hates the most is hypocrisy, which is why he does not stay with someone who is not ready to receive so much love from him. She is an intense woman but she is not going to write to you, she is not going to try to look for you, she prefers to cry against her pillow some nights until she is back to her old self. He may miss you, but he’s not coming back. It is better that you continue on your way because the Scorpio who once loved you no longer exists.

7.- Sagittarius 

One day I read that continuing to give opportunities to someone who does not value them is not wanting, it is not knowing how to love yourself. Without a doubt, Sagittarius has understood it perfectly, it may have cost him a lot of courage and tears, but he finally understood that no one belongs to anyone. So, when someone is not ready to receive everything that is in their soul, it is better to say goodbye on time. There will always be someone who doubts you, who is not ready for so much love, who tells you that you are exaggerating, but, you know what? As long as that person is not yourself, what the rest thinks does not matter. The fact that you are a dedicated woman does not mean that it is wrong, it is just that there are those who simply do not fit your energy. Because you Sagittarius, you want in a very beautiful way, with freedom, you do not press, you do not seek to tie anyone. You simply want a company that is willing to want without appearances, the most genuine that can be. You are a nomad, but when it comes to giving your heart you are looking for exclusivity, someone who only has eyes for you. That he does not let go of his dreams, that he loves his independence, but that he decides to stay by your side. In the end, you know that life is a journey and you are not here to wait. Surely when they decide, you will already be mounted on your next flight. Luck! Keep participating.


Women Who Were Ready To Leave When They Finally Wanted Them

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