Do you remember? Yann Moix – 52 years old and a successful author from France – outraged the world with his statement

Author Yann Moix shoots 50-year-old women

In an interview with the women’s magazine “Marie Claire”, writer Yann Moix questioned the attractiveness of 50-year-old women. For him it is clear: he cannot love a woman of this age. Did the novelist just put it wrong, or was it serious insolence? Unfortunately the latter.

The 52-year-old shot afterwards and expressed a clear opinion about women of the same age. “You are invisible. I prefer young women’s bodies, that’s all. A 25 year old’s body is extraordinary. A 50-year-old woman’s body is nothing special. “

“You are invisible”

We strongly oppose this. If we look at women at 50, we see something extraordinary! Great and beautiful fighters. Many of them gave birth to children – a physical feat that should amaze even a chauvinist writer. Some have fought against diseases and still others you can see the saying “50 is the new 40” from head to toe. Whether Yann Moix would also give Salma Hayek (54), Julia Roberts (53), Sandra Bullock (56) or Halle Berry (54) a basket?

This is how the network reacts to Yann Moix

The fact that he finds 50-year-old women unattractive and cannot love them is causing a stir on social media (we’re sure that no 50-year-old woman loves HIM at the moment!). Moix sparked a wave of outrage and tried to justify himself. “I tried to be honest. Nobody is responsible for their tastes and inclinations. ”For his statements, however, and someone who can handle words so well should know how hurtful they can be.


"Women over 50 are too old to love them!"

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