Women Of The Zodiac Who Know That A Man Is A Value For What He Complies, Not For What He Says

Women Of The Zodiac Who Know That A Man Is A Value For What He Complies, Not For What He Says

Don’t go where they don’t love you. It is easy to write, but sometimes you have to experience several disappointments before you can understand it. It is very painful when you end up giving your heart to a relationship that only exists in your imagination. That is, when someone loves you it shows, you don’t have to beg for their attention. He does not have the time, he does it because he wants to be with you because he seeks to build something in the future, but when it is not like that we tend to make up his indifference and when we have the bathroom of reality, we end up in pieces. That’s when the prince turns into an ogre and all you want is for it to be a nightmare. It’s hard, but you learn that no one else is going to win you over with just beautiful words. These women of the zodiac know that a man is worth what he does and not because of what he says. 

1.- Pisces 

They say that people should be allowed to do what they want, but not with you. At the moment that Pisces began to set limits, her life changed completely, she is no longer the idealist as always, the one who puts romanticism first and tries to try to see the good side in the other. Now, he knows that his feelings are not for everyone, that he will not keep running after someone just to get crumbs. She knows very well that the person she loves is worth it because of his deeds, not because of the many beautiful words that come out of his mouth. Pisces is no longer willing to believe fairy tales, wants a genuine love, someone who is capable of breaking with the conventional, who shows that he has defects like not anyone, but who does not use them as justification to hurt others. Pisces is a woman who wastes love, it is part of her essence, but that does not mean that it is her responsibility to stitch up broken hearts.

2.- Cancer 

Cancer has had to understand that he is not asking someone to stay by his side. She deserves a love that shows her that you want to be with her, that she loves the way she smiles, her hair, her hobbies, someone who is really willing to love. It is the woman who changes according to the state of the Moon, sometimes, she does not understand herself, but that is no justification for minimizing her emotions. Cancer is no longer there to protect souls who don’t even take the time to listen to everything he has to say. He does not want someone who does not care whether or not he is in his life. That’s anything but love, so so much instability no longer matches her days. Cancer wants facts, wants actions to say everything they promise in romantic songs, in love writings, in flowers, and any other detail, that’s what he wants. A brave love, one of those who do not use you to justify their wounds.

3.- Taurus 

Taurus got tired, he no longer wants his days to be full of fights, jealousy, unnecessary problems. She has reached that point where all she wants is to breathe peace, to feel that she is in the right place and with the person who is capable of holding her hand in the most difficult moments. It is a sign that loves to create memories, to value its partner, it is the woman who with just a touch returns you to childhood and who when you least think breaks the rules, to teach you that there is a more beautiful way of seeing life. It may seem that it is not sentimental at all, but it is simple appearance, it is the way in which you can protect yourself from those loves that only promise that the Moon and the stars will lower you, but at the least expected moment they leave leaving you with the broken soul. Not anymore, now at the first bad sign, Taurus says goodbye, even if that means he has to cry. She knows she deserves to be a priority, someone who melts for her love and at the same time helps her keep her balance.

4.- Libra 

Do you know what Libra realized? That there are times when there is nothing left but to get away from people because they are the reason why you cannot heal your own sadness. There comes a point where you become the sack of other people’s worries, but where do yours go? Libra is a very empathetic woman, her heart ends up giving in when they need her and many of the loves on her list have taken advantage of so much vulnerability. It is very sad when Libra trusts, when they start to promise and give him the assurance that they want to build something serious with him, but at the least expected moment everything is over. Now, you want someone to fill your day with positive surprises. A love with good intentions not afraid of romanticism, but not afraid of picking her up when everything goes wrong. She’s annoyed that they fake love just because they need it, and just when she has no benefits to deliver, their loyalty runs out. It will no longer allow it.

5.- Scorpio 

Yes, it is true that it has happened to many of us that we have someone who does not care about us, we know it, but it takes a lot to say goodbye. Entering into this type of toxic relationship is very complicated because your rational part yells at you that it is not there, but the heart does not understand the reasons. Scorpio has had to deal with goodbyes in which he feels that his soul is going to go to pieces, but in the end, he always finds hope to continue. Yes, the distant, cold woman has become, the one who prefers to dress in darkness, before showing her more sensitive side, because you need time to trust the other, to really let go. The worst thing is when, after giving everything, they decide to pay you back with treason. She is no longer willing to tolerate cold messages, half kisses, and times when they seek her out just because they feel bored. That Scorpio is in the past and whoever does not like it, let him go because where he cannot be loved, he does not want a place.

6.- Leo 

Tears help to cleanse the soul, but Leo is the woman who understands that she cannot throw herself into suffering for someone who did not have the courage to appreciate her company. Possibly she is the most determined woman on the entire list, because no matter how much she goes out of her way for someone when she realizes that they don’t want her in a place, she leaves, uprooting any feelings towards that person. Leo is no longer there to be dealing with the little commitment of the other, she does not have to be the one who always waits for the other to want to give her love. Deep down he knows that something better always comes and trusts that the Universe will put everyone in their place. In fact, he is not worried about investing energy in revenge, he prefers to invest in it, in the desire he has to love himself and how much he does not want to let go no matter what happens. Do you want to be in his life? Try it, but really, because beautiful words can be said by anyone.

7.- Aries 

She is the woman who can love you with all the intensity that is inside her, but that does not mean that she will allow you to abuse it. It can show you that it will be through thick and thin, but it won’t take a backseat. No longer, now he understands that passion is not always the best company, because by letting yourself go you can end up in the most hurtful arms. Aries can be impulsive, but now she pays attention to every detail, puts aside the fire that characterizes her, and thinks with a cool head. Now, she wants to be conquered, but with something that is visible every day. It is the woman who no longer thinks to give herself to someone who does not have the emotional maturity to maintain a relationship. He no longer wants to beg, he wants reciprocity on a physical, mental, and emotional level. If someone just wants to promise and promise, without proving anything, it is better that they continue on their way, because they are precisely the type of people that Aries no longer wants in their life.

8.- Gemini 

Yes, she is open, she has a nice side to see things that are presented to her. She is the type of woman who does not complicate the game of persuasion, on the contrary, she steals glances wherever she steps. However, she decided long ago to put up one barrier after another, because she is not willing to let people do what they want with her. Gemini wants much more than an adventure, they do not want a love that surrounds them with a lot of words, which in the end is blown away. She wants a lover who is willing to accompany her in every step, even the bad ones, someone who does not want to throw in the towel after the first slump. Now, it is she who decides who is and who is not. Now, he has the guts to say goodbye to those loves that are only passing through. He knows that the people who are really worth it are the ones who will fill his path with light, someone who makes him a better person. Because in the end, the actions are those that demonstrate what the heart is made of.


Women Of The Zodiac Who Know That A Man Is A Value For What He Complies Not For What He Says

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