With Whom You Get Better As A Friend But Not Always As A Couple

Have you ever felt what the friend of your life is? I mean that person with whom you can be simply you, the one who knows your shadows, your fears and the nonsense that you only do when no one sees you. When they are together it is as if nothing is missing, their souls complement each other as if they knew each other from another life. But… there is often a very big gap for it to become a love affair, although it could also happen. With whom do you get along better as a friend but not always as a couple according to your sign?

1.- Aries

The person with whom Aries can be understood perfectly is Libra. Fire and Air, doing their thing in life. Libra is the one who has Venus on his side, so he gets to put a touch of tenderness to the intensity and risk of Aries. They are the type of friendship that connects in a very deep way, it is enough that they exchange glances to determine what the other feels. Balance and harmony is something that they segregate, they could even become a couple but it is true that it would not always work. Sometimes they look like brothers, and they don’t have that attraction. Sometimes… Also, Libra can’t always handle all the energy of Aries.

2.- Taurus

Taurus is the reliable, caring and very stubborn sign when it comes to marking territory with the people he loves. Let’s say that it can become a somewhat possessive friendship and that does not always please Virgo. When their hearts match an unbreakable bond is created, they are both loyal, intelligent and hard working . They are the kind of friendship that takes time to flow. However, as a couple, although they attract a lot, sometimes it does not work at all, somehow both of them want things to be done to their liking and that is when the discussions are present. They are too alike to live together, one has to give in. They have a thousand things in common.

3.- Gemini

Gemini is the sign that has the gift of adapting to everything that comes his way, he is the one who always has the opportunity to connect on an intellectual level, because he enjoys learning from everyone. That is the reason why the friendship with Aquarius flows as if they knew each other forever. Gemini’s multifaceted side catches the Aquarian calm and suddenly the two of you feel like meeting new people, flinging your thoughts, and just adding a touch of excitement to your life. Although they become very attracted to each other, their union is not always a good option, because there is not always a balance, their emotions are always on the edge.

4.- Cancer

Cancer is very sensitive, he is the one who enjoys helping those he loves, likes to protect and be that person who has the ability to change life for the better. Even so, it is difficult for him to show his feelings the first time, much like Pisces. The two emotional signs that together can have the most genuine and loyal friendship on Earth. They are those who understand each other, do not minimize what they live and want to see themselves fly in all areas of their life. However, when it comes to a love relationship, things change, so much affinity can end in something very exhausting, an insecure and unhealthy bond.

5.- Leo

Leo is the friend who knows he’s great and enjoys it, he likes to be the center of attention and the reason the other person ends up with a lot of laughter. It is as interesting as Aries, that is the reason why they understand each other so well. A friendship in which energy and an outgoing side is part of every day. Together they have the best stories, in which their spontaneous side leads them to do crazy things. But … when it comes to love as a couple, things don’t look as good. Let’s say that’s when your proud sides come through, neither of you likes to lose and that can end very badly. Although it must also be said that the attraction is there, and the points in common as well, so all is not lost.

6.- Virgo

An Earth sign, someone who loves stability, who has no problem falling into a routine and, of course, between everything is more practical, for him the better, that is Virgo. His personality is very similar to that of Capricorn, that is the reason why it becomes very comforting to have a friendship. Together they support each other, they are the ones who are always there to applaud their victories and, of course, get up when things get bad. They are consistency and discipline, the problem is when they move on to the term of love, their union is not always very convenient because they fall into a routine, their dates become tedious plans and they get bored. They have to learn to spark the relationship.

7.- Libra

If there is a sign that truly values ​​friendship above anything else, without a doubt, we are talking about Libra. He is the one who is always in search of peace, of those people who squander balance and happiness in their days. His way of seeing life is simple, he does not need luxuries, he appreciates what is really worth it. That is why it gets on very well with Aquarius, two souls who are capable of having deep and unusual conversations, get lost between thoughts and dreams. However, when it comes to forming a couple, the tandem seems to fail, because Libra wants stability and Aquarius does not get off the cloud so easily.

8.- Scorpio

Scorpio is the one who loves when they love him, but when it comes to playing with someone, he teaches you how to do it. He is not vindictive and less superficial, but few people are kind enough to understand his heart. That is why Cancer can become your lifelong friend. Together they are the ones who accompany, listen and advise each other, their bond is so genuine that they do not need to see each other all the time, to know that they will be in the most important moments. However, when it comes to couple love, the thing is not going too, both are too emotional and their union can end in something very tragic. Couples who are or have been Scorpio-Cancer already know this very well.

9.- Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the one who bets on the extrovert, the lover of the new, who is always ready to add someone to the list, is very social and always looks beyond the horizon. That is the reason why it is perfectly understood with the personality of Aries. Their friendship is synonymous with energy, always looking for what to do, there is simply no time when they get bored, the more spontaneous everything is, the better for them. But, there comes a time when if they try to cross the line and see each other with loving eyes, all that load of adventure and laughter becomes a time bomb that will explode sooner or later. As a couple they have to be more careful than as a friendship.

10.- Capricorn

Capricorn is the serious of the zodiac, he is the one who has ambitions to the sky, he does not know that of being conformist and the work for them is sacred. That is the reason why you can take refuge in friendship with Taurus, they are both very meticulous, they like efficiency and they demand exaggeratedly. When they talk it is like looking in the mirror, they just understand each other from head to toe. But if they try to be a couple things obviously change, because what seemed like a perfect relationship turns into a lot of criticism, negative energy and the desire to run away. Being a couple can be good if you both know how to maintain your limits or it can be one of the worst experiences of your life.

11.- Aquarius

Aquarius is the conventional one, he is the one who enjoys making friends and getting out of the routine, but he does not see it as a necessity either. It is so simple that you can smile between four walls as well as in a heavenly place. That is the reason why you can get along with Gemini and Aquarius. The two signs know how to immerse themselves in their world, their friendship is synonymous with an exchange of knowledge. The problem is when they want to be a couple, because they are very independent, they do not like to feel trapped and that is why they sabotage the love bond. As friends they can last for years, but as a couple things often go wrong and last only weeks.

12.- Pisces

The one who has Neptune on his side, the dreamer, imaginative and creative. Pisces is the type of person who when he finds a friend, does whatever is in his power to maintain the bond, because he is not one of those who goes around opening his heart to just anyone. That is the reason why if you meet a Scorpio, they can have a beautiful friendship. They are very compatible, dedicated and emotional signs. They like to spend time with those they love and always put loyalty first. However, wanting to be a couple is often too much, because being so changeable they can end up in a codependent relationship and in which emotions are going to be the order of the day.


With Whom You Get Better As A Friend But Not Always As A Couple

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