With these 7 texting tips, he is guaranteed to stay interested in you.

Nowadays a lot of conversations take place via WhatsApp and Co. A very large part of communication in our society takes place on our cell phones – applies to people who are in a relationship and also to those who are just getting to know each other. Texting can actually be very simple, but for many people, it is a complicated matter. 

What do I write to him now? How should I answer? 

Many women ask themselves these questions when it comes to texting to look interesting to a man. Text messages often lead to misunderstandings and you definitely want to avoid that if you really like the person on the other end. 

So how do you text a man if you want to keep interested? With these 7 texting tips, he’ll definitely stay interested:

1. Ask about!

You love when the guy you’re dating asks you questions about your life and interests. But why shouldn’t you return the favor? Ask questions about his job, family, hobbies, or day. This is an excellent strategy for texting a man and keeping him interested. By showing an interest in his life, he has the opportunity to tell a little more about himself. This will automatically make him feel that you know him well – and that in turn creates trust!

2. Think about what you want to achieve with the message

Do you want to make programs for the weekend? Get to know him on a deeper level? Keep this purpose in mind as you write so you can keep the conversation on track. Don’t just write “Hi”, think about what you want to achieve with this message and head towards it. This will keep your messages interesting and will surely get his attention. Plus, you won’t waste any time like this.

3. Be confident!

A woman who is confident is attractive to just about any man. Show your confidence in the messages you send him. You shouldn’t be bothering the bush for a long time, but rather tell him openly what you want. Don’t ask him if he’s already up to something, instead offer to come with you to a party. This also shows him that you will not wait for him, but that you already had plans.

4. Sometimes let him take the initiative and praise him for it

Don’t be overzealous when it comes to always start the conversation. Let him come to you. And when he comes to you, give him reinforcements. Let’s say he writes every morning to wish you a good day. Of course, you are pleased. Let him know how much you like his morning texts and he will keep up the good work.

5. Don’t be too cold

Of course, you shouldn’t shower him with your messages. Wait until he answers and only then writes the next message again. But on the flip side, you shouldn’t be sending too few messages either – especially not to keep him interested. 

You shouldn’t always wait for him to answer you first. Don’t allow too much time between your conversations because he’ll see through you quickly. He will feel manipulated and will no longer take you seriously. Show that you don’t need to play games like this.

6. Show him the exciting side of your life

 Show him that you are a busy woman, whose life is busy, and he will want you even more. If you want him to find you interesting, show him that you have an exciting life. If you’re out with friends, only reply briefly to his messages, but let him know that you are walking out the door and that you will be in touch later. First of all, this is only polite because it can be very annoying to send a text message and someone not responding for hours. That way, you are gently letting him know that you are not available.

You can also write to him about what you plan to do. Send him a photo of something you’re doing. This will make him feel more connected to you and at the same time show him that you are not sitting around waiting for him to send a message.

7. Use emojis and gifs appropriately

As the writing of text messages has evolved over the past few years, so has the use of emojis. And it’s really not just teenagers who use them. Emojis can better express the intent behind your words, which is important since it is all too easy to err the text. But pay mind to how often you use these emojis. If this guy doesn’t send a single emoji, you don’t want to cut off as silly by constantly spicing up your texts with smileys. But if he uses them as well, emojis are a really good way to make your words more expressive. Gifs are great too, by the way.


With these 7 texting tips, he is guaranteed to stay interested in you.

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