Why Your Stress Level Rises Until You Lose Your Head

Stress is not exactly a bad thing, like everything in life, you need to find a balance to lose your mind. However, it helps us to stay alert and not lower our guard in dangerous situations. It is a psychological and physiological response, but there are times when the level rises in an exaggerated way. Let’s say that we all have a weak point as if it were a button and when we turn it on our shadow is present. Why does your stress level rise until you lose your mind?


What can trigger your nerves is when you know it’s important to say goodbye to someone, but deep down you don’t want to. You have a hard time breaking ties, even when you know they are harmful to you. Not knowing how to face the situation stresses you out and you keep quiet about it until you can’t take it anymore and you explode. At first glance, it seems that you are a detached person because you have impulsive moments in which you get angry and decide to throw everything away, but then you analyze it and you regret it. Your stress really increases because it is difficult for you to let go and it is difficult to deal with so many emotions at the same time. But, do not underestimate Aries, because once he manages to leave, his dignity no longer allows him to return.


Breathing deeply, Taurus is not very good at that. It is a sign that you always have something to do, you like your schedule to be full of activities because it somehow keeps you at the bottom of the canyon. However, many times he sets goals that are too high, it is not that he does not have the qualities to meet them, but … come on, Taurus, don’t be so hard on yourself. Your dreams are very big and it is fine, but be patient you do not want to achieve everything overnight. Your need to have everything under control leads to terrible headaches. It stresses you when things do not go as you envision them, remember that you are a human being, mistakes are necessary to learn to shine.


At first glance, it may seem that Geminis go through life like a leaf blowing in the wind. He has a peculiar way of pretending that everything is fine because what he hates the most is being seen as a weak sign. However, internally he has a struggle with emotions because he cares too much about the people around him. What stresses him is discovering that there are many people who claim to be on his side, but in the most difficult moments of his life they disappear. It is very exhausting to open your eyes in that sense because a part of Geminis wants them to change when deep down they know that it cannot be and it is difficult for them to accept that they feel appreciated for a toxic person, that the only thing that causes them is harmful. For your health, it is time for you to say goodbye.


They say the worst thing you can do in this world is focused on what they will say. Do you know how many people go around being unhappy for fear of what people are going to say? Cancer, it is difficult for you to accept that you are not here to meet anyone’s expectations. It is not that you are easy to manipulate, it is just that you love people so much that they take advantage of it to blackmail, making an excuse for the love they supposedly feel for you so that you do or stop doing something. It stresses you out knowing that you give and give, but you end up fighting a wall that cannot be knocked down anyway. Somehow, that has made you very suspicious, now you wonder if the people who are next to you really want to see you happy. The important thing, Cancer, is that you decide to make yourself a priority, it is the only way they will stop using you.


A minute of silence for all those times when Leo has ended up crying in front of the mirror because he doesn’t like what he sees. Over time his life has become one demand after another. Suddenly, he lives worried about being the best in everything and it is not even about competing, he already does it automatically and he feels bad when he is not… His life becomes stressful when, no matter how hard he tries, no one recognizes him. It seems that he always has to be the strong one, the one who has everything under control and does not allow himself to fail from time to time, because when he does he is punished. There will be a lot of people on your way who will try to make you feel guilty, but don’t fall for their game. Remember that you are not your job, nor the house you have, you are much more than that. Your essence is in your passions, your hobbies, the way you treat others.


Sometimes Virgo keeps a lot of emotional knots because he does not want to worry others. He locks himself in his own world and pretends that everything is fine, even though inside he can’t take it anymore. His life is hard because perfectionism is demanded and when a piece breaks he feels that everything falls apart. He is so pressured with so many activities that a slight mistake causes his mood to overflow. It is important that you give yourself some time, you are not a machine, it is okay to make mistakes from time to time. You are much more than that Virgo, take a breath and take the opportunity to be with your loved ones. If you love yourself, others will, and not because of your achievements, simply because of your existence. Come back to you, with your family, with your partner and friends.


How complicated it is to want everything to go well. The problem with Libra is that he has an idealistic side that often puts him between a rock and a hard place. I’m talking about the moment when you can break the line between reality and fantasy in your mind. Libra, gets carried away and suddenly imagined a lifetime, but if things don’t turn out like that, he gets stressed. It is a very passionate sign, if you decide to give yourself to love, you do it in a profound way. However, it stresses to him that people do not reciprocate as expected, it seems that they do not care about your feelings and that hurts, because you are a very dedicated person, you like to take care of the people you love. It is disappointing to find that you often end up alone.


You are the person who knows no limits, when you propose something you throw yourself into the ring and go directly for the crown, that of settling for the leftovers is not your thing. That’s where your stress comes from because you have a very controlling part that plans happy endings and when they are not fulfilled you become a fierce walking. You show stress when your irritability speaks volumes, you become a bit arrogant and you do not tolerate practically anything. It is important that you let it flow, a bad decision does not make you a bad person, they are simply ups and downs that life presents to you. It is useless to mount a drama and affect your physical, mental, and emotional health, that will not solve anything. You are wearing yourself out for something that can improve.


There is something in particular that makes Sagittarius lose their minds. We are talking about a sign that does not tolerate lies, is very transparent, and always tries to ensure that the things it does do not harm third parties. It is a very noble and empathetic sign, but when it is stressed its darker side comes out. What he hates is being called a liar knowing it’s not true. Suddenly, you have to deal with the guilt that does not belong to you and it is very frustrating to try to prove the truth when the other person is determined that you are not. What must be made clear is that Sagittarius also has fire inside, if you wake him up you will have to face his raw side, the one that does not touch his heart and will tell you things head-on and honestly, although that is synonymous with hurting sensibilities. Sorry, you would have thought about it before.


Come on, if Capricorn made a list of everything that stresses him, he would surely not be able to finish in a whole day. It is not an exaggeration, his head always has a thousand things analyzing, he is very meticulous and how he spends so much time making everything go well, it is difficult for him to accept when it does not. Capricorn, wants everything to be perfect with money, work, health, partner, friends, family. Suddenly, he is mired in worry, and everything gets worse when he wants to sort things out overnight. It is his demanding side, the one that does not forgive himself a single mistake and that wants to be happy, but at the same time saturate himself with a thousand activities. Capri, you have to stop, that’s not life. In addition, it is time for you to let go of things that do not correspond to you, the lives of others are not your responsibility, there are people who are very used.


Sometimes Aquarius goes through life taking small steps because he is terrified of falling into the wrong arms. There is a part inside him that is extremely distrustful because he does not want anyone to come and try to dominate him. Also, it is not a lot of going around showing feelings. He is stressed because he does not know if it is correct or not, to put up so many barriers so that people can reach his heart, deep down he knows that there are good people, but he is afraid of ending the bad. Aquarius, you have to breathe a little and let love flow, there is no use hiding in your shell, that only stresses you and makes you bitter. Learn to enjoy a little more. The worst thing that can happen to you is having you heartbroken, but trust me, it’s something you will overcome. Living is not the same without loving, do not take away the opportunity to be happy.


The mind of a Pisces … If you could enter and inquire into everything that is in there, surely several would end up with their heads in the skies. Your worries really know no end. It is such a sensitive sign that he does not stop thinking, others hurt him and that makes him stressed because he would like to help them all, although deep down he knows that it is not possible. Pisces, is full of love, from there it moves and that can be something very attractive for bad people because they take advantage of so much goodness. It is very painful to accept it because suddenly he is plunged into lies and betrayals when his only intention was to give everything to the other. Pisces, do not change, do not let anyone take away the most beautiful of your personality, you can not control the walk of the other, but yours. Stay away from those people who do not let you move forward and who cause you more tears than happiness.


Why Your Stress Level Rises Until You Lose Your Head

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