We all have moments of great stress, but it is true that each person is more stressed by one thing than others. This also happens with the signs, there are some who care about the past, others who stress the future, others are stressed by toxic people and yet others tolerate them too well. Here we show you why your stress level is so high according to your Zodiac sign:



Although it seems that nothing worries you, Aries does. You worry about those things you should leave in the past, that Aries is over. You are worried about taking those steps that at the beginning tell you so much. In fact, you get very stressed when you know that you have to get away from someone but you don’t do it, Aries, when you know that they are hurting you but still hold on and hold on.

You can become very impulsive / or Aries, you can easily use some people who don’t like you, but at the moment of truth, when you have to take that step and get away from those people who treat you badly, don’t do it.

And there, all your emotions meet and face each other. That’s what makes your stress level so high Aries.


You have a lot of Taurus stress, and you have it because you think you can’t reach some goals. Because, things as they are, your dreams are great and when you see that you do not arrive you get stressed and much.

Relax a little and think that in the end, with your constancy, you ALWAYS end up getting what you want. But you are not like that, Taurus, you begin to make statements of the kind: “This had to have done it already”, “I had to have it done …” and not Taurus, you are human, and you need your time to do things. And if that adds to everything you demand, much more.


Sincerely Gemini, your stress usually comes because you worry too much about some toxic people that only hurt you, that everything causes you pain, that only impacts your life in a negative way. It is what alters your stress levels the most. Because you love those people because deep down, you try to open their eyes, to change. But not Gemini, they don’t change, they don’t open their eyes, and if they do, they don’t always see things as you see them.

Try not to turn so much on others, even for your own good. Try that your health is not damaged by this please try to understand that we can not always behave like a Saint or a Saint and help others when others do not want to be helped. Be careful


You are stressed by what they may think of you Cancer because they can judge you in some way because they can stop seeing in you the person you have always strived to be. Crab, you know that deep down, you have tremendous insecurity, you know you have to work harder because that’s where all that stress comes from.

If you don’t trust you, nobody will, if you don’t fight for you, nobody will. So, repeat yourself every morning what you’re worth, what you deserve, what you need. Also, because of that insecurity, you often have a hard time with the people you love. In the end, you almost leave your life in their hands very often, and in the end, it is also when they don’t treat you as they should. Self-love Crab, put it in your head, it is often the only thing you need to be perfect: love yourself a little more.


You worry too much about being the best in everything Leo. You care a lot to please the people you love, to give all your best Leo. But the problem is often that others do not thank in the same way. And there comes the dreaded stress to your life. You don’t understand how behaving as you behave, nobody thanks you in the same way. That’s where all the anxiety comes from. And above all, it happens to people you love very much.

When they try to turn the tortilla around, when they try to manipulate you and make you feel guilty you feel the stress from the clouds. In the end, Leo, your world moves for love, for good intentions, for love … And when this begins to fail you come down, super down Leo. You’re a good Leo, don’t worry about being the best, please.


You get very stressed with the Virgo failures, you get stressed thinking that you don’t do things right, that you are not perfect, that no matter how much you do, things don’t go well for you … Relax Virgo, please, don’t try to force the machine all the time. time, do not try to force yourself because in the end, who ends up broken / or you are Virgo. The high stress comes into your life when you want to do everything right and on time. But you can’t always carry everything Virgo.

You look for yourself, for your family, for your friends, for your partner, and you intend to solve their lives. If they ask you for help you cannot refuse it, even when you know you cannot give it to them. It is complicated to be a Virgo and it is complicated not to have stress being a Virgo.


Your stress levels come when you make Libra mistakes. You are embarrassed to fail, to see that you bet on something and then, for one thing, or another goes wrong. It stresses you that they do not understand you, that they do not put themselves in your place and especially that they think badly of you.

Many times it has happened to you that, by pure chance, it seems that you are doing something that is not right, but in reality, it has not been your intention at all. But you feel terrible because you can’t always prove it and that overwhelms you a lot, it causes you a super bad feeling. May they distrust you and your word, Libra kills you, it really kills you.


You worry about everything Scorpio and your stress levels come from almost anything you can’t control. When you want something, sooner or later you have Scorpio. The problem comes if you are not able to have control over that. It happens to you at work, in love, in relationships. You form in your head an idea about that, but then, if it is not what you expected, you are stressed, very, very much Scorpio.

Learn to let things happen, to wait a few days before making decisions, to relax, please … Everything has a solution except death so, always keep that in mind. As much as it is the most dramatic in the world, no matter how much you think it cannot be solved, no matter how much it stresses you, think that from one day to another, you will always see it differently. ALWAYS. So, take your time for all Scorpio.


You get very stressed when they blame you for something you haven’t done or just when you screw it up with something. Because yes, you often do nothing, but others, unintentionally, spoil it. The difference with other people is that you regret the moment. And probably, that crap has been without any intention.

To see Sagi, you are fire, and you are reputed to be too sincere, even sometimes when you must at least “skip” some things. And of course, sometimes, you drop some bombs that leave more than one in shock. And when they start accusing you that you have done it on purpose, it breaks you. Because it’s not like that, you don’t premeditate, you don’t manipulate, you don’t do things to hurt others. Only sometimes, you screw up. Let the world know, please …


You worry about everything Capri, about your social status, how much you earn, about your future, about your past, about your present, about your partner, about your friends, about your family, about your parents, about everything … You have to spend a little more of everything. It is clear that you like to have everything under control and that you like to always do things right. But the world is not always like that Capri.

You are a perfectionist, delicate with what you want, you always put all the love in the world to your projects and you also have to finish them yes or yes. The rest of the people are unfortunately not like that. Take care Capri, try not to worry so much about others because, in the end, you will suffer a lot. And you contribute a lot. Of course, perhaps there are people who do not feel like receiving from you. But that is no longer your problem. Their loss.


You care a lot about your freedom Aquarius, for not letting your feelings come out too much and can be controlled by the other Aquarius. But the problem with all this is that in the end, you don’t feel free, which is basically what you want most. Aquarius is complicated, very complicated, what you run away from is what ultimately makes you prisoner.

Let yourself be loved Aquarius, and let them love you, and do what you feel at all times Aquarius, laugh, enjoy, love. And do not think so much about doing that, your freedom will be alibi … Take care a little more and live the moment more intensely, as long as you feel it. Everything will be much better than you think. And you, you will stop having those stress levels so high that you often have them. And talk, talk more.


Your stress basically comes from your worries Pisces. And your little head never stops thinking and thinking. You care about the fact of being able to fail, of disappointing the people you love. It stresses you too much that they reject you or if you suddenly have to change everything to start from scratch. Your world, Pisces, is closely linked to love, and when in love they betray you or fail you, you come very low. But what really stresses you and your levels soar is with lies, with infidelities, with lies.

Little fish, you are made to have near honest people. Although the truth often hurts, you need it. So, if they don’t want to see you let’em go, please don’t lie to them. You’ll understand everything, even what you don’t like, but don’t be told lie.

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