Love can be for many people the most important thing in this life and it is possible that they spend most of their time looking for that special person that makes them feel the luckiest person in the world. Love can enter our lives at any time and in the least predictable way. That is why at the time of starting a new relationship we can have a series of fears, we each have our personality and depending on it we panic in different situations. Here we bring you the situation that makes you panic when you start a new relationship according to your zodiac sign. Take note, it may help you at some point.



Aries the main cause you usually panic when you start a relationship is that you worry too much about whether you are good enough for your partner. Fuck, Aries, stop shitting and wake up, you’re an adventurous person who will take your partner to the top. You cannot get into that internal conflict because all you will do is take time away from your relationship.

Aries, all you have to do to make everything work out is to be the best version of yourself. Do not be obsessed with nonsense because what has to happen will happen. You are a person who likes to improvise and live the present and that is why you do not fully understand that silly obsession that enters you. Aries, calm down, that is temporary and you will know how to control it.


Taurus, when we talk about love you are a rather complicated person. You are not aware of it, but when you start a new relationship you panic. Taurus, when you enter that phase, be unbearable, in fact, we can say that this is not healthy for you or your partner. You will feel the need for your partner to declare everything you love, but the way you look for that is not appropriate.

Taurus when you fall in love you become a very problematic person, you look for a conflict every two times to test your partner. Taurus, it’s time for you to reflect and look inside yourself, there may be thousands of inner conflicts that make you behave that way. But really, Taurus, love is to live it with happiness not full of shit conflicts, to see if you realize …


Gemini, you are one of the most independent signs of the whole zodiac, that is why you are not used to being in a couple. You are a person who is used to living in their own way, to do what you want. When you start a new relationship, you are afraid of all that disappearing. You panic because you see that your love for that special person can make you do things you really don’t want to do.

Gemini, calm down and take your time. Fuck, it’s a relationship not war. What you have to do is reflect on the things you do, if they are really what you want to do or not and if not, have a conversation with your partner and clarify everything. Gemini, believe me that if that person is your soulmate, he will understand, if not, then you already know what you have to do, NEXT.


Cancer, love for you is something very important. When you have the opportunity to start a new relationship, do not hesitate for a second. You are one of those people who prefer to risk, play and put all your heart on the table. Cancer, you feel that feeling of being in the clouds and you know that you only feel it when you are in love, so it does not cost you much to fall in love.

What happens Cancer is that there is something that makes you panic. When you are in love until the bars you feel a great terror just by thinking that you can get separated. Cancer, stop stupid things and start living in the moment, it will cost you we know, but you can’t throw your life suffering from thinking things that may never happen. Cancer, sometimes you become too paranoid, stop shit and enjoy yourself.


Leo you are used to taking control of your life, so you feel that relationships are from a totally different planet from yours. Leo, when you start a relationship, part of you wants to be in full control, but another knows that you and your partner are at the same level. That’s why you panic about having to give up some control to another person is not cool.

Leo, what you have to do is not let yourself be flooded by negative feelings, that not taking all the control makes you frustrated, but Leo, fuck, is not that bad. You and your partner will have to work together to build a strong and happy relationship. In addition, Leo, it will not hurt a little help to control everything around you, you are a human being and there will always be something that escapes you.


Virgo you are used to things going at a normal pace and when it starts to go a little faster you panic. When it seems that everything starts to go faster you feel that you lose control of the situation and it is something that distresses you too much. It seems that everything is taking a rhythm that you can’t keep up, but Virgo, believe me you can.

To be able to keep up with that rhythm that your life is taking due to that new relationship that you are building, what you have to do is calm down. Once you are calm, you can get carried away and you will surely feel very comfortable. Fuck, Virgo if you don’t get carried away by what is going on surely the other person will send you to hell. Start enjoying the moment and stop so much nonsense.


Libra, you are ashamed to know that this is the main problem you have when it comes to starting a relationship. Of course, surely do not be surprised. Libra, even if it seems a lie, when you start a new relationship you are not the most honest person in the world. You have been hurt so many times that you simply have a hard time getting your true self. Fuck, it’s not that weird either, you’re afraid of being hurt again.

That is why you should take the situations that appear calmly, if you do not want to panic clearly. Analyze very well what kind of person you are interacting with, if it is a person you would trust. Of course, have a very clear thing Libra, until you open yourself completely and show your true self, that special person will not fall in love with you.


Scorpio, you are used to living alone. You are a person who likes love, but still you prefer to be alone than in bad company. Scorpio, when you start a relationship, your world panics, that of having to be there for someone seems extremely stressful. You are a person who does not stop still and that of always having to be for someone seems unrealistic.

Scorpio, what you have to do to not panic is to calm down and look at all points of view. It is very good to live in solitude, but perhaps it is time to establish a relationship with someone. Scorpio that person can awaken in you feelings that you had never experienced. Scorpio, love can also be a way to be here and there, so don’t stress too much, fuck, live the life that is two days.


Sagittarius, when it comes to starting a relationship or falling in love there is no problem for you. In fact, you are the sign that has less problems when it comes to falling in love. Of course, there is only one thing that can make you go crazy and panic and you can not stand that your partner’s ex-partner appears on the scene. This can cause you to lose your nerves and become very, very jealous.

Sagittarius, you have to be prepared for everything that can happen and this is a possibility. That’s why you have to learn to take things with more peace of mind. Sagi, if your partner really loves you, whoever will only have eyes for you can appear on the scene. Sagi, do not worry too much, it is impossible to let them escape, besides the ex-partners are past and now we are in the present.


Capricorn you have a serious problem with that of analyzing things too much. You can’t help analyzing every situation that happens and that also happens to you when you start a new relationship. Capricorn that is not healthy, all you get with it is to panic. Fuck, there are things that are better not to analyze them thoroughly and get carried away, especially when talking about meeting a person with whom it seems you want more than friendship.

Capri, there are things that are better to let flow, that are not controlled. It will seem impossible, but that way you can experience very special things. Fuck, Capricorn stop analyzing everything that happens to you thoroughly, that way all you do is torture yourself and not enjoy the moment, let yourself go.


Aquarius love has been able to hurt you very much and you are not very much for the work of opening yourself to him as if nothing. When you start a new relationship, you feel the need to be on your guard, you don’t trust that person’s intentions too much, you need some time to open up a bit. Aquarius, you panic about returning to your way of being more vulnerable.

Aquarius what you have to do so that this does not happen is to work hard to build a strong relationship. That way you won’t have to be afraid of being betrayed because that special person will not want to do anything other than being by his side. Aquarius, fuck, don’t get too obsessed, they may have hurt you, but not everyone is the same. There are people worth knowing.


Pisces there is nothing for you like love. You love to feel that there is someone special for you and that he cares about you. You have no problem opening yourself to love, quite the opposite, yes, you are terrified that they will hurt you again, but you will never miss the opportunity to experience something as beautiful as love. But Pisces, not everything is so beautiful and there is something that makes you panic.

Pisces, when you see that your group of friends begins to merge with those of your partner you panic. It is a situation that you don’t like at all because your friends are yours and yours are theirs. You do not need to go through that. But Pisces, you have to calm down and see the bright side of things, so you can always spend more time with yours, Fuck, Pisces, don’t be such a tummist.