Why Your EX Ruined Your Relationship According To Her Sign

It seems like a lie, but astrology can explain the reasons why your ex ruined the relationship. Forgetting about an ex is not easy, but that does not mean that you will never turn the page. You may miss certain things, but as soon as you remember how much it ruined your life, it passes. There are times when, in moments of the downturn, we have to remember all that so as not to fall into temptation again and send messages that we may regret in the future. Read on to remember

why your ex ruined your relationship based on their sign :


If your ex was an Aries, there is no doubt that what ruined the relationship was his selfishness. When you were well, everything was perfect. With Aries, when there were no problems, life was always rosy. You know that you had very good times with him. You would even give anything to find someone so funny, so sincere, so open. In the end, problems always came because Aries would not stop looking only for himself.

The relationship was not even on both sides. He was only thinking about his own and not about what could affect you. In serious matters, Aries always tries to save his own back and others do not care. It is important to love yourself, but in a relationship, you also have to take the other person into account.


With Taurus, you lived a lot of super special moments. You may not even have a lot of bad things to throw at him. Taurus is ruled by Venus and in the relationship, you never lacked affection or love. The problem was how many times he brought out his stubborn side, which was not few. Every time you argued or debated with him/her about something, it was like talking to a wall. You were unable to make him see reason.

He/she himself/herself many times knew that he/she was not right, but could not recant. There came a point where you couldn’t take all that anymore. He always had to have the last word, no issue what. Do you really deserve to go through all that again?


Your relationship with Gemini was full of constant comings and goings. One day you were good, another regular, and another bad. Like this all the time. Things as they are, Gemini can have their bad things, but it is true that you were never bored when you were with him/her. That may be what makes you miss him. The problem, also, with his mood swings and that mind so difficult to understand at times, was the lack of confidence.

As much as you wanted to trust Gemini, there was something that would not let you. You felt that you could not count on him/her for everything you wanted. And when you wanted to have a conversation to talk about all those things, Geminis made excuses to take the iron off the issue. He was capable of doing whatever it took to avoid situations in which he was not comfortable.


Everything was so beautiful when you were with Cancer … You can remember each of the moments when it made you feel so special. Although not everything was rosy. Cancer is a sign that is always in touch with your feelings. It is very intense and that can become a danger.

The reason Cancer ruined the relationship was because he used those feelings to go against you. That is, he was not afraid to use his feelings as an excuse to justify his behavior. “It’s just that I’m in a bad mood today” was what he said when he didn’t stop arguing about everything and throwing everything he could in your face. In the end, you felt that everything depended on his feelings and the truth is that you do not want to go through that again.


Your relationship with Leo was not easy at all. When you entered his life, your whole world changed. The truth is that, despite everything, Leo made you feel incredible things. The affection that Leo gave you is impossible to replace with that of another person. The reason Leo ruined the relationship was that he always had to be the lead. You felt in the background as if you were a supporting actor.

You were willing to please him as many times as necessary, but you also wanted to feel special from time to time without having to ask. The problem was that Leo spent much more time admiring himself than you. In the end, taking stock, you realized that living like this did not compensate you …


With Virgo, you learned many things and despite everything, you do not regret having shared part of your life with him/her. He was a very loyal and sincere person and the truth is that you are still thanking him to this day. But the reason Virgo ruined the relationship was his excessive advice and his multitude of complaints. With Virgo, everything had to always be perfect. He kept telling you how to do things.

The worst was not this … The worst was that he did not even listen to your opinions, your advice, or what you had to say to him/her. He loved running other people’s lives, but he hated others running his. You couldn’t go on with a person who always had to be in control of all situations …


Your life with Libra was very different. He always made you laugh, taught you thousands of new things, took you out of the house … Libra taught you to enjoy life in a way that you did not know and the truth is that you are grateful for all that. But the reason Libra ruined the relationship was that he wasn’t able to talk things out the right way.

Libra loves to go out into the world saying that he is capable of putting himself in the shoes of others and that he hates to see someone else suffer. Then, when push comes to shove, he has a hard time committing to his words. In reality, Libra has a hard time talking about her feelings. It may be because of their insecurities or their inner moves, but that affects their relationships a lot. You just asked for a little bit of sincerity …


With Scorpio, you lived a life full of passion, fire, intensity. You were happy when you were with him/her because you could enjoy your romance and live life without pressure. The problem came when you had to argue or when you said or did that you should not. In every argument, Scorpio knew how to bring out the worst in you. Through his words, he was able to break you down.

At the slightest disagreement, Scorpio treated you as if you were his enemy. When something bad will happen, even if it was something minimal, the drama was assured. There were times when you were really scared. As much good as it will bring you, you couldn’t afford that level of constant intensity.


Dating Sagittarius was like getting constant adrenaline shots. You didn’t stop doing things, going from here to there, having fun, laughing until the wee hours of the morning. The real problem was their lack of commitment… You always wanted to go one step further, you wanted to be serious, you wanted to do things to formalize your relationship. But, you also felt that you had to go after him/her all the time.

The reason Sagittarius screwed up the relationship was that they weren’t able to act mature and commit properly. A point of madness never hurts. In fact, you liked the way Sagittarius made you live your life, but you can’t be with a person who has such a hard time settling down for life.


With Capricorn things are always complicated … You know that he was always loyal to you, that he would never consciously do anything to break your heart. But he did it unconsciously. Capricorn has so much on his mind that he was not able to value you as you deserved and that was the reason that ruined the relationship. He is always thinking about his future, about his job, about his responsibilities, about looking good with the rest and in the end, he always forgot a little about you.

You felt that you weren’t the only thing that mattered to him. He even kept putting people from his family and friends ahead of you and that would kill you inside. It was an accumulation of things that in the end ended up exploding.


Your relationship with Aquarius was on another level. It cannot be compared to anything else because with Aquarius everything is unique. It helped you learn things that you never imagined you would learn. He pushed you to do things that had it not been for him/her, you would never have done. But then, when push comes to shove, Aquarius always had a hard time understanding your feelings. That was the reason that ruined the relationship.

Aquarius is a very intelligent person, but not emotionally. It was hard for him to process everything he was feeling and you, at times, needed to know a little what was brewing in his heart. Being so unemotional, led him to do things a little strange, things that did not fit with what was happening at the time. And that was the straw that broke the camel’s tail …


Your ex Pisces was a person with a huge heart. He was someone very intense who marked a before and after in your life. But not everything was as beautiful as it was painted. Your ex Pisces knew exactly what he had to do to touch your little heart and get what he wanted at that moment. With that “little angel” face, he was able to get whatever he wanted. You couldn’t resist her charms. To such an extent that he was capable of making you feel guilty for his problems. And you even believed it.

The thing about Pisces is that thanks to his intuition and empathy, he knows people very well. He knew perfectly well what your flaws were and even tried to manipulate you on occasion. Although it may not seem like it, Pisces also has a very dark side and if not, they ask you.


Why Your EX Ruined Your Relationship According To Her Sign




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