Why You Will Not Forget Capricorn

Why You Will Not Forget Capricorn

Forgetting Capricorn is complicated. Very complicated. You know this because once he comes into your life, you realize how much he has changed you. When you meet Capricorn, you discover things that you never imagined you would discover. That is why it is difficult to forget him because the mark he leaves is indelible. Why won’t you forget Capricorn?

It is impossible to forget Capri, for the good things or the not-so-good things that have always surrounded it. He had strength, he had the courage to make everyone, in the end, do what he had to do, what Capri wanted them to do. It is true that he had his genius and his strong character… Strong… A bastard character. But at the same time, he was so extremely noble that he ended up compensating. He could have a million battles and wars with the Goat, being by his side was not easy, that’s for sure. But he had so many virtues that in the end the “bad things” were only left aside.

Capricorn was stubborn, very, and stubborn, and sometimes too grumpy, he could complain all the time because something seemed wrong, or because he did not feel like being an errand of life. But in the end, by running your hand over its back you knew you had it done.

Not everyone knew how to wear Capri but deep down, it was very easy to wear.

With a little understanding, love, and above all loyalty, you had him eating from your hand. Was it too much to ask? I don’t think so. It is true that at first when Capricorn leaves, you may not miss him as much as you will later. Because it will be later when you understand that in the world there are still obstacles and problems and that Capricorn made that cane to support you, and next to him, no matter what happened, you knew that it would end up being solved. With the Goat by your side, you learned to mature, be a better person, have responsibilities, and understand the reality of life. You learned to be strong, to endure pain no matter what happened, to see both sides of life, the good and the bad, you learned to value.

Capricorn can have a lot of “bad” things, he could be cold, and tough, and not have an unusual touch sometimes, but you owe him a lot, almost everyone owes something to Capricorn.


Why You Will Not Forget Capricorn

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