Why You Will Not Forget Aries

Forgetting Aries is complicated. Very complicated. You know this because once he comes into your life, you realize how much he has changed you. When you meet Aries, you discover things that you never imagined you would discover. That is why it is difficult to forget him because the mark he leaves is indelible. Why won’t you forget Aries?

Because with Aries everything was easy, although sometimes he wanted to make it difficult. Aries had his temper, his character, a strong, impulsive personality, a personality that didn’t seem to be afraid of anything or anyone. But he did have them. Aries was fragile and needed his space from time to time, needed to be in his world and enjoy him. Almost everyone had a wrong image but Aries already knew it and what’s more, he didn’t care at all. He even liked him, yes… That they feared him a little. It was a matter of ego, just that.

Aries was honest and noble. He stood out for having slightly changeable moods, for screaming and yelling when something didn’t go his way, even for being capricious. But that was only a small part of what was actually inside.

Aries did not give his heart easily to anyone.

He had many illusions, more than necessary, but the line from “liking” to “loving” did not cross it easily. Aries was sensitive and gave everything of himself when she fell in love with her, and from there came those disappointments with which she carried on her back as if he could handle them without a problem. Aries was careless in the past and that only ended with a lot of pain in his heart. He noticed what he shouldn’t have, sometimes who he shouldn’t have, and that’s why disappointments came.

It was not difficult to carry. You just had to know how to hit the key.

She wanted to be treated as a priority and not just as an option, she wanted to have a response to the messages she sent, she wanted the promises to be kept until the end. Aries was always aware of the rest but the rest was not always aware of him/her. If you had any problem, he was the first to defend you, to stand up for you, if he saw that something was unfair, he would jump like a cat and pull out his nails for the right thing… It is normal for people not to forget Aries … It was so special, that even with its “defects”, it was always worth it.


Why You Will Not Forget Aries

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