Why You Should Take A Break From Some Relationships

We all want to have someone in our life. In autumn, in winter, and even more eager in spring and summer. Those who have already achieved it have the task of ensuring that their relationship is beautiful, that it lasts, that it progress … For the rest, meeting someone and having appointments is written down on the agenda of each day and especially that of the weekends. Sometimes there are too many dates that don’t go well and a lot of frustration afterward. Is it because of the great desire? For being demanding? Bad choices from wrong people? Read on to find out why you should take a break from some relationships based on your sign. Forgetting about them, and coming back with more desire sometimes is the key.


Aries, when you think about it too much, bad. Normally you stay fast because you are not afraid, nor do you want to think about anything, you just want to live it now. You love starting things, and of course, meeting someone and starting “something” puts you directly from 0 to 100 in zero commas. Therefore, when something slows you down, when you think too much about whether that person has what you want or not when you feel lazy, something happens to you. Either you are tired or you are choosing very complicated people who push you back. You do not like anything or that they send you confusing signals, or have to be deciphering the treasure map at all hours. You want it to flow and move forward, not wait. Let it run and relax. When you return, you will see everything with a different desire.


Taurus, if you meet someone on a date and you can’t quite relax, or you go home in a bad mood, something has not worked out. You don’t even want to think about what happened. Raisins. Normally you are cautious, but when you are too cautious, bad. Perhaps the last or the last relationships did not go well, and they also hurt or directly broke your heart. So don’t force to meet someone so soon. To start something and make it beautiful you have to be relaxed, with desire, not with your head in the past, or with anger inside. Nor do you think about who was at fault, or to torture yourself for having said that or the other … Just enjoy your life as you know, and the desire and desire will return without you noticing.


Gemini, if there is someone who does not lack dates in his life, it is you. You have a great facility to meet people and to like them. But it is also very easy for you to end appointments thinking that you have made a mistake. Sometimes you do not know if it is because of fear of commitment, other times you think that between so many appointments you do not know how to see who is worth it and you get confused. Be that as it may, there seem to be signed for you to stop. And so that you take your time, and decide what you want. This way you can focus more on what you want, instead of wasting time casting. Also, it tires you to have to explain to many of those people why you do not want to see them anymore. It exhausts you. You want quality and it is what you will look for when a little time passes. Not much either, because you need to be excited about your life, right?


Cancer, you enjoy your dates because your personality is that of someone close, friendly, you like to contact people… Sometimes you can forget that you are dating. But the frustration comes. And it is when the person does not touch you well inside. And you even get a little angry because you left another plan to go on that date. Perhaps you are not listening to your intuition, which is your best friend. And you are impatient to meet someone special, knowing that you are not ready. Because your last relationship is recent, because you are nostalgic for then, or because you have many things to do. Having your head in various places does not let you relax to meet other people. Focus on your life, your things, your friends … save the dates for later. And that someone will arrive when you least expect it.


Leo, if there is someone perfect on every date, it is you. You like to organize each one as if it were the first, the only one… you make everything special because you want to impress the other person. You do not remain to be, you choose well and appointments are the beginning of something that you imagine wonderful. If something doesn’t work out, it may make you very angry. Because all your expectations end up jumping through the air. Even if it doesn’t hurt, it frustrates you that it doesn’t go well. Do you want to know why you should take a break from your dates? Because you are too eager to meet someone and you are choosing the wrong people who are the right ones. Give yourself some time and enjoy your life, with friends and plans, and when you stop waiting, that someone will appear.


Virgo, for you every appointment becomes an exam that gets on your nerves. Because you want to get the best grade. You don’t take finding love frivolous, nor do you like to play with anyone’s feelings. You are not left to stay. When you like someone you know that it is for real because you do not think about what could be improved (and that is rare for you). You just enjoy thinking about the moment you lived and wishing for the next. So when you come back from a date and you only get buts, something has not worked. If this is happening to you frequently, perhaps you should take a break from your dates. You know well what you want, in your head you have perfectly defined the type of person you fall in love with. If the people you know do not adhere to that nor a minimum, do not force it. When someone arrives you will know. Don’t worry in advance.


Libra, the normal thing that happens to you after your dates are that you think about what happened a thousand times. Or the other way around, you get blocked, and you don’t even want to think about it, and you don’t even talk about it. And when your friends ask you, you give answers so tepid that it seems like you pass on that person. But you don’t pass. You are assimilating and before deciding if you like that person or not, you want to be clear about it. If this happens to you more than normal, much more than normal, it is not that you have to worry. But do take time, because maybe you are saturated. And among so many appointments you don’t see anything clear. So it is impossible to decide or decide for anyone. When you relax and feel less pressure, you will be more confident in trying to meet someone.


Scorpio, you are very easy to date because you are attractive to almost everyone. And desirable. But you are not someone who wants to accumulate people in your life, nor that you need to like to feel good. You are so confident that you leave that to other people with less self-esteem. What you want from your dates is for the person to like you. And that is more complicated because you are demanding from the beginning. When it touches you, it is already loosening with your demands and you enter fully. But impatience and the desire to have someone in your life can lead to frustrating dates. And you will not want to try it one more time (in your most radical line). It is time to rest in that search. You are better than anyone knows when is the exact time to open up to someone. When you know, go back and hit the target with the first shot.


Sagittarius, you know how to enjoy dating like nobody else. You are positive and optimistic so you open up to meet people with the illusion that something good will come out. You don’t think at all that it won’t work. You already go with YES. There is time for NO. Having similar tastes and the desire to enjoy life are enough to meet someone. But sometimes after dating, you just see the person as a friend. But friends you do not search for, you already have. You want someone to look up to and feel loved. If you see that you do not want that person or do not imagine yourself traveling by their side, leave them. And if it happens to you many times, it means that you are not receptive to that person or to any other person. Relax, do not look, do not wait and maybe someone will come into your life where you least expect it: at work, on a trip of yours, in your family or friends’ environment …


Capricorn, if you don’t have many dates it is because you know well what kind of person you want in your life, and it is not easy to find. You can meet many boys / as, but to be alone they will have to several filters. Sometimes you are less demanding, you meet fast, and the date goes wrong. And it is that when you do not take your time to choose well, and you rush, you waste your time meeting people who later you do not like at all seriously. Well, do not stay out of improvisation or impatience. It is not your style. Take your time to decide. And don’t let yourself be influenced by past relationships, because you won’t be able to move forward. Sure they were wonderful and that you bet heavily on them, but they are passed. You deserve new people, the ones you choose with your experience and wisdom. And they will arrive sooner than you imagine.


Aquarius, your level of demand when you want to meet someone to have a relationship is high. But not because you are looking for perfect people, but because you want different, original people, who are not part of any herd. When you think you have one of those people in front of you, you arrive at the appointment with all your illusion. And since you have become sovereignly bored, something will go wrong. You can forgive many things but if someone bores you, you don’t give a penny because there is a relationship between you. If this happens to you frequently, either your radar is failing or you are tired and need a break. Take it, you can because you know how to live life without always having to share it in a relationship. When you are more receptive you can go back to your old ways.


Pisces, you are someone who idealizes love and people. That is not bad, because then you are smart enough to adapt your dream to reality. And you end up being happy with the people you choose. But if you are having appointments that from minute one ring in your head: no, no, no … something bad happens. Because normally you are not blunt, you always give a little play to see what happens. Perhaps you should listen to your powerful intuition and not force more dates. A very beautiful last relationship has been able to set the bar very high for you. And you are not prepared for anyone to match it (or come close). Let some time pass. You need love and you will have it. Soon. But now it is better to look the other way.


Why You Should Take A Break From Some Relationships


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